Mahlikah Awe:ri / Press

“Believe me it is a tremendous honor you have chosen me to do this. It has helped me grow and become aware of story/telling in general. I've been reborn again. My shaman/sista/medicine woman, I thank you and am grateful for having crossed paths and for havin been part of this journey together. ”

Isaac River Walker - Facebook

“The way u put your words outs, lets me explore the corners of my mind and gives me visions to where to take off from. Gives me a portal to paint a canvas to your stories.”

Isaac River Walker - Facebook

“Thank you my fellow artist! Your words are movements to my soul. Your rays bring healing to me and I'm inspired to fight on.”

Fumu Jahmez - Facebook

“The North York Post salutes Mahlikah Aweri for exploring and challenging social barriers through the arts.”

Sandra MacGregor - North York Post: Local Hero

“MAHLIKAH AWERI KNOWS that words have the power to change lives — she has based her life and career on this belief. She uses her gifts as a poet and artist to develop creative curriculums to help students approach learning in innovative ways.”

Sandra MacGregor - North York Post: Local Hero

“Through the Arts comes as much from her passion in artistic expression as from her belief in the need for a revolutionary approach to reach out to marginalized members of society who may not respond to traditional outreach programs.”

Sandra MacGregor - North York Post: Local Hero

“truly, thanks for being such a kind hard-working revolutionary soul and edutaining the children and being a great example in our community. may the creator continue to bless u, for what u continue to create. ”

Black Lotus - Black Lotus Media

“Greetings Empress Aweri, Thanks for the words...I appreciate mos definitely... It was a blessings hearing your'll kick dem wordz... peaCe... ”

Chevy X King - Facebook