The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs / Press

“Now, I’m all in favor of the intertwining of music and humor… as long as the music can be substantiated beyond the punchline. The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs bring that out in full-force”

“They will inspire you to rebuild your hemi”

Nicole Heffington - Phoenix Examiner

“I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet.”

Danny Birch - radiovagabond.com

“...if this band put their mind to it, they could actually write a great album.”

“The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs have a sound as crunchy as a plate of hot hush puppies”

“The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs CD 'Hot Garbage' will even make devil worshipers bow down and pray to god.”

Eric Vellone - Socal Music

“The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs are quite the charmers...”

“If a song about everybody’s favorite A&E Biography host (Fuck You Jack Perkins! You know why.) doesn’t light your fire then your woods are wet”

“These local joke-rock heroes would have you believe they're from Swamp Water, Ga., and to their credit, it's pretty believable”

“Few bands are anywhere near as funny as they think they are -- The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs is an exception”