The Jackalope Saints / Press

“About a year ago... a friend and I were walking home and saw The Jackalope Saints practicing through a big bay window of their house (the stand up bass stood out). We decided to knock on the door and ask if we could hang out with them in exchange for some beer. They graciously invited us in and played a few songs for us. Such a randomly cool experience! ”

Saint fans - reddit

“Listen to any one song and you’ll hear a variety of string instruments including the banjo, fiddle, upright bass, mandolin… and more. But among the myriad instruments, Herrick’s voice isn’t lost–it’s smooth and soothing, and sounds just as fantastic live as it does recorded.”

“You guys are like a real band, you don't see those too often”

Scott Gallegos - Music man

“These guys are fantastic!”

Mayor Sam Adams - Twitter