J2K / Press

"A blend of exciting gypsy-funk influenced jazz-rock (I know that's a mouth full, but it's nothing but true!), this trio has a lot of talent that is just waiting for you to come rock your face off to. After years of touring and producing some of the most exhilarating and unique tracks, J2K is finally ready to break down the door and scream "HELLO WORLD, WE ARE HERE!," and we are about to blow you away."

"Rapidly up and coming Gainesville based trio, J2K, is scheduled to play the first ever Bond-Fire Music Festival on Sunday 1/1/2012 from 4:45-6 am. Big things in store for this live-electronic outfit in 2012, including their first full length album due out in February, as well as relentless touring and festival appearances. Be sure not to miss their late-night set at the Bond-Fire Big Tent and start your new year off with a bang, J2K style!"

Julia Stewart - Moon Goddess

“I hit up my first show of the day with the Grooveshark Crew at Blackwater Music Festival, who were hardcore representing J2K, friends of theirs from Gainesville, Florida. J2K became my favorite new music of the weekend. They have a song called ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs’ that was basically our campsites theme song, simply because it gave everyone a reason to scream spaghetti and meatballs, as those are the only lyrics. The talented lead guitarist and pianist, Jason Shooster, led a knighting ceremony at our campsite before Sunday night’s Flaming Lips set.”

"J2K began their show at around midnight, and they didn't stop playing for well over an hour, leaving the concert goers satisfied that they had been taken on a journey of sound and rhythm."