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Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (over 1 year ago)
Cheers!!! Success!!!
Ariella Rush
Ariella Rush  (over 11 years ago)
Oh yeah -- I like your music A LOT! *grinning* Hugs to you, Babe!
CATHY  (over 11 years ago)
Thanks for the request...great sound!!!
}!{ Dreamer }!{
}!{ Dreamer }!{  (over 11 years ago)
Sorry it took me so long to accept your request... Power's been in and out here where I'm at cuz of narley weather. I checked out your band, You really rock!
bluemist  (over 11 years ago)
G'morning ---I'm really looking forward to hearing more of you ! Good luck !!
\m/MeShell\m/  (over 11 years ago)
thanks for adding me...looking for forward to checking it out...
SOLARE  (over 11 years ago)
is that smoke or fog from a fog machine haha!-xtine
Pivot_Drummer  (over 11 years ago)
Yeah, so many smokers in a small room gives that "cool" smoke machine effect! Thanks for the comment and the laugh xtine! Take care, Phil
beautifulsoul  (over 11 years ago)
Thanks for the request.sounds amazing hun..rock on!
Michele  (over 11 years ago)
So glad you left me a request, Your vocals are clear and haunting ~ I love it! The music is great. I would love to heard more with some extreme passion and cut loose instuments!