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Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (about 1 year ago)

Cheers!!! Success!!!

Marry Another
Marry Another  (about 8 years ago)

Thanks for being a fan. There's a free download of our latest recording "Spectator" waiting for you.

Let us know what you think!

Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison  (almost 9 years ago)


Numbers And Letters
Numbers And Letters  (over 9 years ago)

wow, dude, thank you so much for listing my band as one of your favorites. i'm so tickled. we just put up the songs from our (first) new ep, hopefully you get a chance to have a listen. i gots the mad n.c. connect, too: my dad's from monroe, and i'm headed down there later this summer. woot.

Mr. 22
Mr. 22  (almost 11 years ago)


Thomas Gun
Thomas Gun  (almost 11 years ago)

hey hey! Thanks for checking out my stuff.

Anna Bullard
Anna Bullard  (almost 11 years ago)

Heh. Funny comment about GeoCities in 1996. Me too!

Watts  (almost 11 years ago)

Yeah, it's great that I have a place to put arbitrary HTML-gunk, but now I'm not sure what to put there...

Neal M
Neal M  (almost 11 years ago)


Watts  (almost 11 years ago)

Ahh... the things you can do in Cameron in 0.6 seconds...

Neal M
Neal M  (almost 11 years ago)

Sportscenter is next! (Unless Dook needs more time...)

Numbers And Letters
Numbers And Letters  (almost 11 years ago)

the first time i ever ate thai food was in durham. i was a freshman in high school doing some summer study at duke and my bearded t.a. said 'sh*t was boring' where we were, so we took a van and 10 of us highschoolers pecked at our pad thai.

they were good days.

Watts  (almost 11 years ago)

Hmm. Durham has such a rich and vibrant Thai community, it's hard to imagine where this was. Zeno says that the only one he knows about hasn't been there all that long.