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The Ceilings
The Ceilings  (almost 2 years ago)
Damn, giving me chills! Got my playlist for my next Halloween party ;) Keep it up, love the creepy themes and heavy industrial sound
ROB OMNI  (almost 2 years ago)
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SuperGrandAd Super-Grand-Ad  (almost 2 years ago)
FLY ON THE WALL - Great Track - Hi I just Followed, Subscribed and Faned Please Follow Subscribe n Fan my reverb also https://www.youtube.com/user/uksuperrascal
The Stanley Brown Blues Band
The Stanley Brown Blues Band  (almost 2 years ago)
DEMON BOY...haven't stopped by for a while, rocking as usual.
SKITZO PRODUCTIONS  (almost 2 years ago)
"...pre-fabricated music down our throats" Indeed!..in the age of burning music the plastic leaks more than just fumes...it's putrid vile stench of gnosticism and anti longevity... it's time to rise up and mosh until our minds no longer register All hale Demon Boy!
Shannon Schulz
Shannon Schulz  (almost 2 years ago)
Very well done. Really good. Hard and dark.
Dave Krochenski
Dave Krochenski  (almost 2 years ago)
i kissed a dead girl, awesome
Uncle Davy
Uncle Davy  (almost 2 years ago)
Thanks for your friend request. Very nice tunes! Your voice reminds mme of Alice Cooper and Vince Neil. 🎸🎸🎸
Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (almost 2 years ago)
stopping by to some support. strong vocals. good musicianship and some great ROOOOOOCKING HORROR songs. today's plays: Fly On The Wall through Party To The Grave.. rocked through them all........................Tony
24 THORNS  (almost 2 years ago)
Much musical respect