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Billy DVette
Billy DVette  (over 5 years ago)

nice job good luck in the contest

Cuban Conection Ent.
Cuban Conection Ent.  (almost 6 years ago)

I very much enjoyed your music and wish you the best in all that you do.blue

MikeAverageJoe11  (over 6 years ago)

Hey Guys,
I recently moved to Denver from Chicago, and have been checking out lots of local bands. I had heard you were a great local band and that I had to see you guys live so checked out your page, wow! great songs! Its nice (and a relief)to finally hear some really GOOD original Denver music. Because, so far, I have been really unimpressed to be honest.

I saw your post about the contest at the Hard Rock Wed night and I went. I saw all 3 bands but couldn't stay to hear who won. (they should really do those kinds of things earlier on a weeknight!)

I saw you didn't win though and I was blown away!

You guys are a truly great band and I believe you will go far! I really do not understand why they didn't pick you though, and I cannot see at all how they picked that Aloft band over you! They were terrible! They sounded muddy and I couldn't really hear or understand the singer's lyrics. Also, the singer looked like he just crawled out from under a bridge which was a big turn off for me.
Their music though just seemed.. I dunno typical? of what I have heard around Denver so far, not very original sounding nor impressive and really not so different than allot of Chicago bands I have seen.

You guys really looked and sounded pro. In fact your sound was clearer then the others somehow and I could actually make out the lyrics, (which are really cool by the way) your energy though was by far the best part for me and actually made the trip downtown on a weeknight worth coming out for! ( and bein tired at work all day Thurs) I loved the guitar player getting on the table! Oh not a big Bon Jovi fan but your Bon Jovi song was SO much better than the other bands'.

You really seemed to get everyone into it and enjoying you, I know I did, which is why I don't get it.

But based on what I saw wed night I am definitely coming to your next show! Its way the heck out in Littleton but I am sure you guys will make it worth the drive and I look forward to it!
-Mike the average joe

battlewolf160  (over 6 years ago)

The new CD is Buckin' awesome!! Great job guys!

battlewolf160  (almost 7 years ago)

Loving the profile! It definitely keeps me updated on everything and it shows all your music and videos!! Can't wait for the new song to be finished and the release party! It's going to be awesome! Keep rockin' out!! :]