James Morrill / Comments

Stationwagon  (7 months ago)

Karmas is a good tune.

Marty Miles
Marty Miles  (8 months ago)

I like the earthy rock sounds, cool harmonies and the clean production. There's something "human" about your work. Kudos.

Somerled  (8 months ago)

stopping in again to take a listen.
nice work. have agreat day!

wishing you the best from,

- Austin Goodman
- Somerled

take care !

Rollie Rolls
Rollie Rolls  (8 months ago)

thanks for sharing your music!

Val Stan
Val Stan  (8 months ago)

I'm impressed with your work and talent James!!!

Stress In Continents
Stress In Continents  (8 months ago)

Nice stuff, James. Good time music. Tight tunes.

HarmoActive  (9 months ago)

I enjoy your music a lot! I was able to discover because you liked my page -- so a double thank you! :) Best regards from Poland

Mario Burgos
Mario Burgos  (9 months ago)

Thank you for the follow!!! I look forward to hearing your tunes! If you get a chance, check out my album 'DeepLove' (iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play... and lots of other places), again, if you get a chance! Would love to hear what you think!

The Radiopaqüe
The Radiopaqüe  (10 months ago)

Got us hypnotized! Awesome!

A.F.H.G.  (10 months ago)

Moonlight ride nice! Love the drumming. Are you selling your music? I have a song called Fly Away
to. I wrote it about my Father passing in 2005,
Fly away fly today we forget who brings up the morning light. God bless, you Victor Steven Rasicci