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Lee Birchfield
Lee Birchfield  (4 days ago)

Great tunes, how do you like that light up guitar?

marchristiansen  (1 day ago)

I love it .It sounds great but its very heavy plexiglass.

Michael Mitchell, Jr.
Michael Mitchell, Jr.  (5 days ago)

Thanks for being a fan!

Ojai  (5 days ago)

Hello and Thanks for become Fans !!!!! Great Group and music !!!!!!

Art Lip
Art Lip  (6 days ago)

"Europadope" today :)

Jennifer Alexis Frees
Jennifer Alexis Frees  (9 days ago)

Having a great time listening to
marchchristiansen, in Florida USA today,
this October 11th 2017

PHRUISHUN  (9 days ago)

Extremely Funky Guitar!

Essence Of Passion
Essence Of Passion  (11 days ago)

Thanks so much for being a fan. Hugs from Portugal.

Allt Minna
Allt Minna  (12 days ago)

Killer guitar man!!!!

Art Lip
Art Lip  (17 days ago)

I wish you a good month :)

Mel Hayler
Mel Hayler  (17 days ago)

Thank you so much for connecting. Best wishes! Mel