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Michael Hennessey
Michael Hennessey  (about 1 month ago)

Age of Reason has a really awesome vibe to it ... really takes you on a journey musically ... emotion evoking to be honest ... very much enjoyed

late night crisis
late night crisis  (about 2 months ago)

Great opener! Terrific sound and lyrics!

The Neal Maingot Project
The Neal Maingot Project  (about 2 months ago)

"Age Of Reason" is an awesome song guys..superb vocals and musicianship. Thank you very much for your music and your support, it's greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the very best from Vancouver Canada. Merry Christmas ! neal

DeMattos  (3 months ago)

Hey Friends,

DeMattos stopped by to show some love for your work. Keep the Art burning family.


STEVE INGLIS  (3 months ago)

AGE OF REASON is an incredible song !!!!!

Mladen Jurlina Deny
Mladen Jurlina Deny  (3 months ago)

So nice to meet your music ..great ..!! Awesome listening !!

TompazJam  (5 months ago)

Age of Reason-is a fabulous tune guys
greets across our flowing waters:)

David Havilland
David Havilland  (6 months ago)

Very good songs !

Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (6 months ago)

Loving your spirits song.

Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (7 months ago)

Love your music!!! Spirits is fabulous but so are the rest!!!
Best wishes