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Zeeny Cobb
Zeeny Cobb  (3 months ago)

"Jesus is the one" Super!!!!!!! Check out my song "Jesus is the way" I did all the parts, zeeny cobb

Christian Soldiers
Christian Soldiers  (4 months ago)

Great tunes brother. God bless. Check us out. Shared your page

Daren DeLane
Daren DeLane  (5 months ago)

Awesome! Clean, great vocals, excellent sound and great message!

Glorify  (6 months ago)

Gods Grace" is Just Beautiful!!

GdotPAPERBOY  (6 months ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan. :) You have a really good voice so have fanned you back. Especially like 'I'll Be Your Hero.' Keep up the good work. 1 love. :)

Renora Code
Renora Code  (7 months ago)

Nice tunes of praise

Bro Ken
Bro Ken  (7 months ago)

!!!!! Amazing sound! Couldn't believe my ears. And you're in my brother's home city! How come I've never heard of you?

Poor Jeffrey
Poor Jeffrey  (9 months ago)

Hi there Bobby . I recently fanned you. To be honest, I m trying to build my fan base. I have found that it gets me fans when I become the fan of others, however most people who become fans this way never listen to my music. When I am told that someone listened, I try to listen to a song or two in return from start to finish. I know it is appreciated because we all need fans and plays. I also need advice, so I really do appreciate honest feedback because I realize my music has much room for improvment.
I am trying to make sure to listen to my fans because I would hope they listen to me. Do unto others, ya know? Matt. 7:12.
May our Lord bless you with all that he desires for you.
Poor Jeffrey

Alex Fehr
Alex Fehr  (9 months ago)

Great stuff!

Alex Fehr
Alex Fehr  (9 months ago)

Great songs!