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Kathleen Haupt
Kathleen Haupt  (over 1 year ago)

Exceptional job on your Santana covers!!

Jason Exit
Jason Exit  (over 2 years ago)

The Essence of Santana

I first saw SantanaWays at Mr. Peabody's in Encinitas last winter. More than a tribute band, SantanaWays has captured the essence of Santana. If you are a Santana fan you will know that Carlos rarely plays a song the same way twice. And not because he is bored playing Soul Sacrifice again and again, but because he still feels each song deeply and almost creates a new song each time depending on the inspiration. So it goes with SantanaWays. They can play Oye Como Va note for note so you will think you are listening to the album, but more often Benito will play what he feels, channeling Carlos. If you live in San Diego you are very lucky because most top notch bands of this type tour and you only get a chance to see them once a year. SantanaWays is based here and you can imagine yourself living in the Bay area in the 60s and hitching a ride to the Fillmore to see your favorite local band. Don't miss them.