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SidewaysBurnouts  (over 7 years ago)

That video is sick bro, it reminds me of so many old school 80's jams, beat is freash, we kicked it back in the day at MACLA in saj jose. seen you doing it. Respect

WhaleHawk  (about 8 years ago)

A huge bag of BANG!! Thank you.

Xtreme Dream Ent
Xtreme Dream Ent  (about 8 years ago)

The Independent Iconz Tour 2010

WHO: ALL Independent Artist & Local Talent

WHAT: An opportunity to make money while opening for a headline artists on a major tour with Radio/Street & Internet Promo...

WHERE: California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho

WHEN: Jan 2010 - Events will begin regularly and will be posted online. Stay up to date follow us @ twitter.com/XtremeDream or join the mailing list Email - XtremeDream@ymail.com

WHY: To add to the promotion of the event and give opportunity to local talent, we take a lose on potential income to better guarantee a crowded & successful event as a whole.

HOW: Contact us at XtremeDream@Ymail.com, Tell us about you. Basic Info, links to music & web, locations you want to perform, & the package(s) your interested in. Independent Artist chosen to perform pay upfront for discounted tickets to the show, sell them for face value and make money. Then then get to perform a set and open for the show. It's that simple.

Bronze - 25 1/2price Tix - 10 min performance (a $20 pre sale show is $10 to U = $250 upfront pay)
Silver - 50 1/2 price Tix - 15 Min Performance, Name on Flier (=$500)
GOLD - 75 1/2price Tix - 15 Min Perf, Name & Pic on flier (=$750)
XTREME - 100 1/2price Tix - 20 Min Perf, Name & Pic On Flier, Name on Radio/Internet Promo (=$1000)

The Tickets
All event tickets are printed from a professional ticket website. Ticket will be available at face value on line and in local Venues. For additional promo, tickets are also given to the radio station. Silver Packages are a prize package for the Best of the West Talent Contest Winner. No other discounted tickets are available. VIP tickets are available (venue permitting). Tickets are not upgradable. You must purchase VIP tickets full price (even performers).

Payment Methods
eMail XtremeDream@Ymail.com - once you have your show and package picked out,
you can pay ONLINE via PAYPAL or
COD Via UPS (you pay shipping) or
meet us at earlier event for exchange(Cash only for this)

The Fine Print - Artist and entourage must have a ticket for entry into event. No travel or lodging will be paid. No special privileges are allotted to opening artist. The rules of the venue are the rules. We are looking for positive events please carry yourself in such a manor. Artist are reviewed and accepted according to music match with headliner among other things. There are no refunds en less the event is canceled. If the event is canceled money will be returned for all tickets returned. If tickets are lost or sold or anything else they will not be refunded all tickets must be returned in order to be refunded.