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Doug fir and the 2x4s
Doug fir and the 2x4s  (about 3 years ago)

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2014 Humboldt County Classic Cover Contest. After being one of the three Finalists last year, we upped our game.

This Year, after the month-long radio-based "Battle of the Bands," Doug Fir and the 2x4s took First Prize as the County's favorite Classic Cover Dance band.

We've received lots of new gigs, opportunities and invitations since then, and we're having a great time bringing our brand of 'Classic Rock and Beyond' to new venues and new friends all over the county.

Just a few of our newly confirmed dates are listed here.

Please come out to one of our shows in the new year; stop by and say hello; let us know some of your favorite Classic Rock bands and songs; and we'll help you dance the night away and to your heart's content.

Doug fir and the 2x4s
Doug fir and the 2x4s  (about 4 years ago)

WOW! The crowd at the Arcata Playhouse was fired up and ready to rock and roll! To all those who came to the show, the 2x4s thank you for your crazy enthusiasm and Classic Rock abandon. What a night!

The KWPT Classic Rock Birthday Bash was the party of the year (so far) -- a tremendous affair, with a sold out crowd (and folks waiting at the door for someone to leave so they could get in) Standing Room Only, raucous ovations, encores for every band, great sound, good cake and more glitter than a Liberace acid flashback in Technicolor!

We love the Play House, and playing to an energetic diverse crown, and we were almost shocked at the wonderful response we received.

Thanks to KWPT The POINT all the DJs, and particularly Carole Ann, for all the time and energy poured into making the Classic Cover Contest such an enjoyable and positive thing for everyone who participated, especially the local musicians and bands.

Thanks also to all those who helped us make it to last night's event -- to our good friends, neighbors, fellow musicians and those folks we shamelessly imposed upon for support. You helped give us an experience like no other.

We've received some photos from the party, so we'll attach a few right here.

Thanks again and Rock On!
Doug Fir.

Doug fir and the 2x4s
Doug fir and the 2x4s  (about 4 years ago)

Thanks to all those who participated in the 2013 Humboldt County CA Classic cover Contest and supported our rock and roll submissions. Thanks to you, we navigated the competition "undefeated," and we'll be playing in the live Culmination Concert at the Arcata Playhouse Friday night November 8, 2013. Please join us in the celebration. Doug Fir and the 2x4s will go on some time after 9:pm, and we plan a set of classic rock everyone can enjoy. See the SHOW details listed on this page. Hope to see you there!
Doug Fir