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missenlink  (2 months ago)
friends love it love them all but friends man
Tia Kathleen Padula
Tia Kathleen Padula  (4 months ago)
I Love JAH only so much!!!
Tia Kathleen Padula
Tia Kathleen Padula  (4 months ago)
I Love I and I so much.
Sly Dasana
Sly Dasana  (about 1 year ago)
Power packed! Too much.
Donnetti Reaves
Donnetti Reaves  (about 1 year ago)
I love your music, tonight was the first time I heard your music and it touched something in me. Will keep up with your music from now on. Thank you
Tia Kathleen Padula
Tia Kathleen Padula  (over 1 year ago)
Your good works are sacred. You help me to speak my mind You help me to find treatise with my soul.
Tia Kathleen Padula
Tia Kathleen Padula  (almost 2 years ago)
I don't like politics unless it is Non-Partisan I don't like money unless it is a way to show care Yet 'When Money Leads' I am Indebted to Uniting People For Peace Money was met to be... a "tool to increase our quality of life" Yet when money leads Money is illusion in that There is not enough money to actively care for us We ~ All People with unbiased positive ethics Person centered in All neighborhoods, all communities, all nations There individuals, families & cultures; neighborhoods & communities that are wasting away Nations are caught between being oppressor or oppressed instead of saving our dear planet earth because When Money Leads Money is cause for focus & ventures of a wealthy few including 62 who have more money than all the people upon our Dear Mother Earth Money is cause of hurt creating caste systems clear-cutting, reducing oxygen, creating acid rain hurting our oceans, unnatural climate changes... In 2013 closing our government When Money Leads Money is met to be for care not wealth and hoarding Not dominion and domination We must pursue No shame no blame no repercussions Money must be redistributed To actively care with unbiased ethics...to remove struggle to protect and provide, to guide, mediate and mentor...person centering for We All People and saving all life body mind spirit and relations, our environment and atmosphere When Money Leads Of much greater meaning than money is True blue 'Prosperity' to exist as We All People to learn to Work together in partnership and teamwork to Self sustain ensuring enduring positive body mind spirit and relations... To integrate activities of productivity for sustainability of our natural environment and integrity of our atmosphere When Money Leads Money is a "tool" to give relevant education with a job at graduation for Money to lead individuals, families, cultures, neighborhoods, communities, nations into a good protected life unbiased and actively caring upon our Dear Mother Earth in respect to our Creator...our Father Universe. i must conclude this is only channeling Uniting People For Peace These Positive writings are unedited. Thank you so much for letting me share with you. then perhaps you...there is so much more i may say... Perhaps you may inform inspire Volumes 4 ~ Message in the Music of "Democracy Needs Wisdom Uniting People For Peace Guiding Majority Action Pathway Led by Basic Needs for Survival of People and Planet. In this way we may educate to reach Unity as we unify in one whole cultivating practical understanding accessing practical application of Positive Actions as we cultivate well~being concentrating upon what we are concentrating on... to all come together to educate and role model one "Positive Big Picture" I may not question this: I am not met to lead the Bandwagon I am met to find peace in helping to build the band wagon. Yet i am not one of "people in the parenthesis" as I may not "wait to see what happens..." i must stand for truth as "i choose to show example..." with these writings...thus, perhaps you may choose to DJ also in this potential & very positive balanced & relevant production with the music. Perhaps you may choose other musicians to guide towards a Musical Message in wide spread Speak Out. Of course only if you are to be involved because it is ensuring enduring to be also good for you. Thank you very much... Truly with respect for your service in relevant positive messages in music in many ways... This is very much unedited... My Best wishes to you..All Ways.
Rozzi BonTon
Rozzi BonTon  (about 2 years ago)
Wow!!!!. Amazing!!! Thanks for the love!!!!!
Matt Mezz
Matt Mezz  (almost 3 years ago)
Awesome playlist! keep up the great music!
Dead End Lane
Dead End Lane  (about 3 years ago)
Chill vibes all around!!!