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Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller  (over 2 years ago)

Look everyone Gang shooting in Portland started with Ray Ray Winston (Rest in Peace) and I knew him like a brother he was my little brothers (Ulrick Rhodes CVC Brother Blu), best friend and I was one of several of his best Friends and of Stanley Winston ray ray brother who was ray rays best friend too. I knew them well we went to John Ball and Portsmouth together we played football and basketball together on the weekends and I can still remember his smile I miss it so much I really do it was huge! Pretty White.. Yall and we can do them the best of Justice by you listening to me because Ray Ray listened to what I said he took my advice several times in past he trusted in Me We even got in a couple fights but we still loved each other just ask all the other CVC's or EX CVC's because so many have changed there lives and we need to pay respect to the older Gang Members ( like Kelo from CVC Who now goes Back into the Penitentiary to help save the Brothers from Drugs) and do what they say because you come from somewhere, Ask all the people that was involved with the First Shooting it was over My Sister (Nanci Rhodes) and her Babies daddy.. John l who was threatening and Nanci Told Ray Ray who had always took Nancy My sister as a Best Friend and Loved her very Much When Ray Ray died his mom moved into our house for a while.. I know what the Gangs in Portland are all about... I walked in one day to my sisters House and there were 20 Crips from Wall to Wall.... Go Ask the CVC is you don't believe me....Do you know me.....In fact I taught several Brothers from the hood how to hustle and you can check my files..... well over 30 Young Brothers who have listened to me and herd my advice and still live today others in the peen who would not listen. (rest in Peace) to those have died, Curtis Rhodes My Brother on a motor Bike (Rest In Peace. I Miss you bro) M and M (Marcus Miller who took my advice don’t believe me listen to the story yourself at http://www.reverbnation.com/marcusmiller/song/14026528-how-i-met-straightlace I am Straightlace AKA Jeff Rhodes OG from Portland I am good friends With One of the men who did time for the murder of ray ray and the who thing was over a girl my sister. That girl moved out into the wilderness never to be seen. We can change the world with my program. All you gotta do is come have fun. Enjoy yourself and help us all have fun while the kids graduate and have fun too. The US Program Comin Soon.

Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller  (about 3 years ago)

RIP Marcus I miss you bro!!