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Erryck Floyd
Erryck Floyd  (27 days ago)
nice tracks
Glenn Sullivan
Glenn Sullivan  (about 1 month ago)
Never Been To Nashville-great track and dig your sound.
Skee Ru
Skee Ru  (about 1 month ago)
Thanks for liking my page.
S.A. Dennison
S.A. Dennison  (about 1 month ago)
I dig your style!!,❤🔥🔥🔥
Uniqueaudio  (about 2 months ago)
Nice songs
Libra  (about 2 months ago)
Blood on the Trigger sample. Takes me away!
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese  (about 2 months ago)
Exceptional my friends! Love 'Nashville'..killer, killer tune!!!!! Killer vocals as well, love the deep vibe!! Much peace, always!
Tammy Winkles Singer Songwriter
Tammy Winkles Singer Songwriter  (about 2 months ago)
Thank you for your support and your awesome
Acid Zydeco
Acid Zydeco  (2 months ago)
Vocals here are like Proclamations affirmed by the Beat and Bluescape of experience. I was a fan before I ever heard you.
Tommy Rebel and the Righteous
Tommy Rebel and the Righteous  (2 months ago)
Nice groove to your music ... like the blend of blues and funk ... rock on dudes!