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Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier  (almost 2 years ago)

Was travelling in this music cyberspace and stopped at your page Great music Netty !
I wish you all best success !

The Luv Daleks
The Luv Daleks  (almost 2 years ago)

Great mix of songs and styles

Sky Keepers
Sky Keepers  (almost 2 years ago)

You have some sweet tunes here, keep up the good work, Greetings from the UK

Sami  (about 2 years ago)

love & respect ....................have a great & awesome day

Sami  (about 2 years ago)

love & respect ....................have a great & awesome day

Donna Martin
Donna Martin  (about 2 years ago)

Awesome song The People Game

Bonnie McGill
Bonnie McGill  (about 2 years ago)

Hi Netty Mac...Have a beautiful Friday and Weekend ,,, Your music is making mine special Coffee's ready here at Bonnie's Cafe' and all our friends are here .. We saved you a seat at your home away from home ... BFF...love... Bonnie

Angels of Fear
Angels of Fear  (about 2 years ago)

Hi ! We Love your music ! from ~ ANGELS OF FEAR !

Love And Voodoo
Love And Voodoo  (about 2 years ago)

Hello ! Enjoying your music ! from ~ LOVE AND VOODOO ~ yay !

Renora Code
Renora Code  (over 2 years ago)

Hi Netty, just stopping by to listen to some tunes. Hope you have big plans for 2015.