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The Road Runners
The Road Runners  (over 2 years ago)

Really dig the blues vibe on "Slow and Dirty." Nice quality on the tracks and very soulful feel on the performance. Great work!

Wings of Apollo
Wings of Apollo  (almost 4 years ago)

Great blues!

Corners of Sanctuary
Corners of Sanctuary  (about 4 years ago)

"Hey great sounding tunes. We are digging it and are now a fan!
Check out Corners of Sanctuary and if you like what you hear, fan us back!

Dry Martinez
Dry Martinez  (about 4 years ago)

Slow and Dirty in A is what the blues is all about! Well done Dudes!

3 Dudes
3 Dudes  (almost 4 years ago)

Man thanks so much im digging your tunes!! Great tone on that guitar!

3 Dudes
3 Dudes  (about 4 years ago)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!to everyone for stopping by and showing us love!! More music to come soon!!