Greg Harry / Comments

Rick Pisano
Rick Pisano  (about 2 months ago)

Creative sound and style! I enjoyed listening. Best of luck to you Greg

Jodi DiLiberto
Jodi DiLiberto  (3 months ago)

Your musicianship and songwriting are outstanding! "Troubled Times" is thought provoking and very well done!

ZZERRO 9  (5 months ago)

Loving the bass on The Grave Within. Nice riff and excellent bass sound.

Souls of Rebellion
Souls of Rebellion  (8 months ago)

Love your stuff Greg..."When Love Waxes Cold" sounds trippy. Love the sitar-sounding effect.
Keep up the kick ass work!

Cynthia Danne
Cynthia Danne  (8 months ago)

Excellent artistry and passion...a pleasure listening in..

KRAYG  (9 months ago)

Visit? Peace!!! Krayg out!

Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill  (9 months ago)

Great music we need to do a few song epic fwm

Lisa Panagos
Lisa Panagos  (10 months ago)

Very creative and cool tunes! Thanks for the add and support!

KRAYG  (12 months ago)

Visit? Old skewl..Fun... Krayg... out...

MARYJANEROBI  (12 months ago)

Great tunes! Rock On!