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DIONVOX  (over 3 years ago)

cool stuff :)

The Diggurz
The Diggurz  (over 3 years ago)

Epic stuff! Keep on rockin' guys! Love from the UK.

Mista Chaos
Mista Chaos  (over 3 years ago)

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Jacquescoley®  (over 3 years ago)

Rock on Chainfall. Cheers. J

David Fagan
David Fagan  (over 3 years ago)

Hey guys, excellent VH cover. Rock on!

Goregomad  (over 3 years ago)

heavy n hard hitting, cheers guys, you are awesome, major fan here !!

VELDRAGO  (over 3 years ago)

showing some love and mad respect in this crazy industry were all a part of...

NOLST Band  (over 3 years ago)

nice traks, awesome music!! please check also the new song from us

Karina's Music
Karina's Music  (over 3 years ago)

~~Much support~~

hamstar  (over 3 years ago)

Nice cover . Sounds really close to the original .