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Anna  (about 7 hours ago)


Gayla James
Gayla James  (about 8 hours ago)

Love your music❤️️

Dirt Road Sunset
Dirt Road Sunset  (4 days ago)

Just stopped by to say hello take care

Franz Graw
Franz Graw  (7 days ago)


Lnkn Zu
Lnkn Zu  (7 days ago)

You have an amazing voice. Well done!

Anth  (11 days ago)

Big country with soul.

stephanie slevin
stephanie slevin  (12 days ago)

Stopping by to say hi an take a listen

Frank Glass
Frank Glass  (14 days ago)

Hi Dorian..Top tunes mate keep your head up.

Def By Volume
Def By Volume  (14 days ago)

Great music!

Joke Addiction
Joke Addiction  (17 days ago)

Nice sound! Go on with your music! Cheers from Italy!