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Myran Wahlstream
Myran Wahlstream  (over 3 years ago)

Cool guitar music.

Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys
Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys  (almost 4 years ago)

Oh yes. Keep it comin' Exavier! Thanks Johnny

ANIMA 81  (almost 4 years ago)

Musiques Excellentes Xavier. Félicitations. Pierre

Exavier Rivas
Exavier Rivas  (almost 4 years ago)

"Aranjuez Rock" All additional parts Conceived, Arrange, Produced & Performed by
Exavier Rivas. Is a Classic-Rock formatted version of the spanish guitar
"Concierto de Aranjuez", a classical piece by Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo
brought to the electric guitar in a contemporary musical arrangement by Exavier Rivas.
© 2013 Fantasman Records USA. (ascap).

Exavier Rivas
Exavier Rivas  (about 4 years ago)

Thanks to each & everyone of my ReverbNation "fans"... Best wishes & lots of luck, Keep on rocking!

Criminal Rock
Criminal Rock  (about 4 years ago)

I'm diggin' "A Trace of Bad Feelings"! Very cool original track! Thanks for checking us out, Exavier! -Brian

Robert Steven Hunt
Robert Steven Hunt  (over 4 years ago)

Outstanding instrumental music, very creative & original tracks, you are a very gifted & talented composer & artist, keep up the truly wonderful work, you are amazing! God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England. Rob.

Demon Boy
Demon Boy  (over 4 years ago)

New song is awesome!!!

Exavier Rivas
Exavier Rivas  (over 4 years ago)

Send all of your sorrows, despairs, worries, doubts, envies, self-loathings and loneliness to the "Recycle Bin" then empty that sucker...!!! Dreams are always bigger than all fears!

inleni  (over 4 years ago)

Wow .. I love that sound!