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Somerled  (10 months ago)

the blind moon is magical.
wishing you the best !

- Austin Goodman
- Somerled

Gitano Frank
Gitano Frank  (10 months ago)

The opening of that Featured song is absolutely amazing bud!!!!! Love it

PHRUISHUN  (10 months ago)

The Blind Moon Rocks!

Paul Addie
Paul Addie  (10 months ago)

Detachment..in the pocket lads. Perfect balance of class vox, playing and production with dirty menace. Nice one guys. Rock on.

Brett Basil
Brett Basil  (10 months ago)

I am infatuated with The Blind Moon! Ah!Yes!

Rollie Rolls
Rollie Rolls  (10 months ago)

dark atmosphere and heavy rock!

Val Stan
Val Stan  (10 months ago)

Beautiful rock with mystic energy. Very good job!

JOE & ALVIN PLAYER  (10 months ago)

Lovin to listen with your great songs today.
Withal my respect and I'm your big fan from far east island.

Aaron Rushow
Aaron Rushow  (10 months ago)

great music stopping by to show support feel free too check out my new tracks!

Robert Adair
Robert Adair  (10 months ago)

Thanks for Listening and becoming a Fan..I have a ways to go compared to Most..
I like your stuff I'm a huge fan Of Floyd myself.
Keep up the great Music ..And Again thanks for becoming a fan of my stuff.