Cat Ridgeway / Comments

VENUS 2  (9 months ago)
Love Aspen, great music and vocals
Teen Asty
Teen Asty  (9 months ago)
Passenger Seat is fantastic =O Fantastic, the male and female vocals are amazingly done =D You should be definitely of that song!!!!
Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (9 months ago)
huge fan of your talent\m/♥♬🎶 🎶
Aria Cortes
Aria Cortes  (10 months ago)
Hi Cat! Thank you for becoming a fan. It's very appreciated! I really liked your voice and songs, especially "Aspen". Thanks for your support and I'm happy to support you as well! Have a great day! =]
Belinda M
Belinda M  (10 months ago)
Love your style, great music and voice! Keep it coming!
William J Urmson
William J Urmson  (10 months ago)
Miss Cat you have all the skills to make it in this very tough business and along with all that you are very easy on the eyes. Stay with it and you'll make it young lady, I promise~ WJU
Paul Addie
Paul Addie  (11 months ago)
Aspen vid at the live radio gig..strong controlled vox Cat, great work..and Canberra you say, hmmm? This expat Aussie approves of your journeyman travells to the capital..keep the good work up. Rock on..as we say in the sonic trenches..Paul.
Glenn Sullivan
Glenn Sullivan  (11 months ago)
Superb vocal-great tunes here Cat.Always a pleasure stopping by and thanks so much for the support.
John Castellain
John Castellain  (11 months ago)
Great voice,great song!
Dabier  (11 months ago)
Cheers on ur music. Flow is righteous. Great Rhythm & Delivery, really like ur songs. I fanned u please listen to my music an fan back if u like..