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ALEXANDRA DLG  (over 5 years ago)

Hi…GREAT MUSIK!!! …here 2 show my respect n support, my best wishes 2 U n also thnx 4 stopping by…ALEXANDRA DLG

Goddess  Naive
Goddess Naive  (over 5 years ago)

I came by to connect,,, my little way of showin love, please dont forget to return some, and I would luv to have u as a (FB) friend here is my to links below

Amorphead  (over 5 years ago)

Hi :) Like our Facebook Page to download "Holes" for free ---> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amorphead/104336263339?sk=app_359209974102585 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AAZ5Bxr2AI&feature=channel_video_title

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel
Maxlink AkA Dark Angel  (over 5 years ago)

Very best to you

Celtachor  (over 5 years ago)

Cheers for the Support!
Celtachor Irish Blackened Folk Metal From Eire.

asperger  (over 5 years ago)

Hello, thanks for sharing your music , have a great day, all the best

AWOLGina  (over 5 years ago)

Is that HER voice doing the death metal like ferocity??? Wow, she goes from beautiful vocals to monster demon vocals incredible, heavy metal music that is not pure death metal or I wouldn't like it so much, lol. I love ALL their music, so many styles & elements in one group is a sign of awesome talent, just about every song has unique elements & can't be pinned down to any one label. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

AWOLGina  (over 5 years ago)

Your music is incredible, unusual and way above the pack in talent & sound! I love unique elements in music & yours stands out above the mainstream, way above it, so please don't ever stop or give up. Am sharing your stuff out from several places to countless places, sharing the joy is my fun :)

Ockum's Razor
Ockum's Razor  (over 5 years ago)

Thanks for supporting Ockum's Razor, stay sharp...

DJ MattKash
DJ MattKash  (over 5 years ago)

I like the music keep up the work.Come show us some love and check out are music http://www.reverbnation.com/mattkash911