Cale Moon / Comments

ProgRockDan1  (6 months ago)

Sounding good

Billy Denton
Billy Denton  (6 months ago)

You have a good sound - I don't know where you are at in your career, but you need to be heard.

Rosie Bray
Rosie Bray  (6 months ago)

You know what? This is just good Country music all around....just Good Country music! Thank you and for your support as well, Lord bless ya!

Julianne Crouch
Julianne Crouch  (8 months ago)

I love "His shoes are killing me"...such an awesome song.Sounds great!

Mary Njerera
Mary Njerera  (9 months ago)

I am enjoying your music.

Dan X2
Dan X2  (9 months ago)

Love the Cale Moon sound

PRD.Vocals  (9 months ago)

The good sounds of Cale Moon

Ed Fransko
Ed Fransko  (9 months ago)

Awesome sound!

Glenn Sullivan
Glenn Sullivan  (9 months ago)

Excellent music here,always enjoy stopping by Cale.

PRD.Vocals  (9 months ago)

Sounding good Cale