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New Kids on the Block: RBS


By Zaynah Rashid

Every week we come across new artists who strive to one day see their name in lights and at the top of the charts! This week Bhangra group RBS makes the list of New Kids on the Block. Check out their new song "3-5" and let us know if you are feeling their vibe.

What sets you apart on the Bhangra Scene? What sets us apart is our vision of producing music and videos which have not been made before with powerful singing, creative rapping, real acting, and state of art cinematography. This will ensure our audiences full entertainment for their time.

Tell us about "3-5." "3-5" as the name says it all meaning double cross, so we wanted to show something which will exactly relate with the words of the song and can make the audience connect to the video for four minutes without disconnecting from a screen even for a second. All of our crew worked really hard and gave all they got to make this into success. We filmed it in 130 degrees in Palm Springs and were literally surviving on Gatorade and water to keep ourselves hydrated and not faint during the filming hours, but like they say hard work always pays and by seeing the overwhelming response on our "3-5" video release all our pain and sweat has disappeared. We want to thank our viewers from our heart for showing so much love for the "3-5" video.

What are your future plans? Our future plans include our next video, "Ankhiya," which will be releasing in April, music by myself, RBS Ravi featuring Shar-S; this song is one my best songs. Next we have "Kamli" which would be releasing somewhere in May 2011. It's love song, again in this video we are working on doing something which has never been done before in any Punjabi music video starring: Varun Pruthi, Shoshanna. Singer: Charanjeet (CJ). We will make sure to provide our amazing audiences with highest quality of our work in return all we need is their blessings.