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THE METAL DEN’s Battle Of The Bands 2013: And The Winner Is…

Den Headz, it’s time to learn who the winner is of TMD’s 3rd annual Battle of The Bands online contest in 2013.

The winner with an overall score of 73 is Tejasmosis (Arlington, Texas USA)


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SYLO – Wins TMD’s First Battle Of The Bands!

Texarkana, Texas metal act SYLO has been crowned the champion of TMD’s first annual Battle Of The Bands. Read more HERE:


BEOWULF – Announce Christian Olde Wolbers As New Bassist!

Den Headz, Venice Beach, California (USA) crossover thrashers BEOWULF have officially announced that ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Christain Olde Wolbers has joined the lineup and will be playing bass.

Read more HERE: http://themetalden.com/index.php?p=24306

Early Unreleased KISS Song Explained

(The Metal Den) Last year in July, TMD unearthed a KISS demo entitled "Smoke". Not much was known about the 70′s era sounding track. To this point, it has received nearly 30,000 views on You Tube since being uploaded. Read more HERE: http://www.antimusic.com/news/11/nov/09Early_Unreleased_KISS_Song_Explained.shtml

FORESHADOW – Joins TMD’s Lethal Promo Roster!

Welcome Dover, Florida’s FORESHADOW to The Metal Den’s lethal band promo roster!

FORESHADOW are a musical group that blends the core genres of death metal, black metal, old school thrash metal, and a minute level of metal core, to create their own, unique sound, has begun to deliver a plethora of lyrical and melodic genius to the world; foretelling the turn of this generations appreciation of raw music and solid performances

more here: http://themetalden.com/index.php?p=23874

ROCKET Interviews Jason Todd of SPADES AND BLADES

Southern California metal punks SPADES AND BLADES have stormed onto the heavy music scene with a deafening roar that has now not only begun to catch the attention of the industry around them but has literally shaken the underground game up with their own brand of ass-kicking rock music, something that is perfectly crossed between MOTORHEAD and AVENGED SEVENFOLD. The band released their punishing debut entitled Blood of The Innocent last year and are looking to release a deluxe version in 2011.

Read More HERE: http://themetalden.com/index.php?p=22605


Arizona (USA) death/thrashers SARGON (formerly of TMD Promo’s lethal roster) whose current lineup includes ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION and SOLSTICE drummer Alex Marquez have issued the following update:“Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and update, but trust me that things have not been quiet in the Sargon camp. It is my pleasure to announce that we have reached an agreement with old school/extreme metal label Old Cemetery Records for the physical release of Sargon’s debut album In Contempt."

Read more HERE: http://themetalden.com/index.php?p=22158