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TMG Announces Alliance With Hello Musique/Canada

We at TMG are proud to announce that we have partnered with Hello Musique of Canada in an effort to extend each of our respective music companies into different countries and territories. TMG and Hello Musique are currently negotiating with several different venues and sites in regard to hosting music festivals both here in the US and Canada,helping each other's artits and working together in various other areas of the music industry. Since 1981 and under various labels, the marketing expertise Hello Musique has developed on the national and international markets has served numerous known and emerging artists. Hello Musique has formulated strategic alliances with established recording studios, musical directors, publishers, distributors and other important artistic and industrial key players to assure the success of all common projects. Along with TMG's recent alliance with Anglo-Saxon Booking out of Europe, TMG and it's new associates are positioning themselves into becoming major players in the international music landscape. Visit Hello Musique of Facebook and say hello to Hello to Pierre @ www.facebook.com/HelloMusique. Also, visit our friend Graham @www.facebook.com/anglosaxonagency.

Koneskin Review..."4 Out Of 5 Stars"

"This first album is undeniably a success!"...."4out of 5 Stars!" - Neoprog

Check out the latest review of Koneskin's 'Liberty Place', this time by Neoprog [translated, roughly, to English]. Well done, Koneskin!

Koneskin is a new band from Italy including Turin. It was founded in 2013 and consists of Feryanto De Michelis trio (piano, vocals), Gabriele Zoccolan (guitar) and Sergio Ponti (drums). From different musical backgrounds, they however have known for some time, especially the first two cities that have been friends for over 20 years. Liberty Place is their first discography work lasting 37 minutes. It consists of a suite in three parts, 'To fall apart', as a classic term 'Velvet starry night' and a final epic of more than 12 minutes, Maya (Iron On the ground ) '. A word first on the album cover signed by the artist and Romanian musician Chioreanu Costin, especially known for creating many metal covers and closer to our universe to Opeth. He signs here a more colorful and naïve work than usual. The music proposed by the group is very atmospheric, throbbing but can also become feverish with sharp guitar riffs, a bit like the Radiohead Ok Computer crossed King Crimson . Listening, perfect cohesion is felt as a desire to always play with each other without specifically highlight one of the musicians. Koneskin seeks above all to convey emotions and can equally be classified as prog, alternative rock and post. The first part of 'To fall apart' takes us into gently into the album with synthesized sounds muffled, before a guitar duo -Sony melodic more engaging. The sounds of the early back then accompanied the sweet singing a few moments, before finishing with a superb new finely arranged instrumental way. The second can be seen as the weak part of the album with a side a little too insistent and a little lack of punch in the interpretation that spoils a little certain beauty of the melody. Finally the coda proposes a more aggressive song, almost shouted. However it only after a long instrumental introduction to the slow rise and stunning. It continues after the appearance of singing. The short 'Velvet starry night' is probably the most crimsonien title with its strident riffs. These alternate with atmospheric passages where wispy vocals alights. Maya (From floor to iron) 'beauty fence work with its beautiful melancholic melody and song while ripping emotion. This first album is undeniably a success, the group managed to create his own musical universe. There are still some imperfections but Liberty Place is already an excellent vintage and appears very promising on the possibilities of this new group

Koneskin Signs With TMG

Join us in welcoming KONESKIN [Italy].....as the newest member of the TMG family of talented artists/musicans. This talented trio has just released their debut CD, 'Liberty Place', which has been garnering rave reviews from around the world. A tour of the US is currently being planned for late summer 2016. About KONESKIN: Koneskin is a trio of musicians whose sound is reminiscent of some of Progressive music’s greatest artists, calling forth the spirits of King Crimson , Steven Wilson, Marillion and other bands of that ilk. Their evocative soundscapes are the background to unusual melodic solutions, played with rock-like intensity, with attention to rhythm and timbre. Hypnotic compositions merge in unpredictable and twisted forms, creating a fulfulling statement of artistic freedom...and entirely Koneskin! Drummer - Sergio Ponti: Sergio, as the drummer of Beggar's Farm, has played with Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Dave Pegg, Jonathan Noyce, Clive Bunker and many other members of Jethro Tull, as well as performing with David Jackson of Van Der Graaf Generator; Bernardo Lanzetti of PFM; Vittorio Nocenzi, Rodolfo Maltese and the great, late, Francesco Di Giacomo of Banco; Gianni Leone of Il Balletto di Bronzo, and many others. He has also performed with Sunset In The 12th House and Dordeduh and has also done two national tours with Mike Keneally. Guitarist - Gabriele Zoccolan: Gabriele has studied classical guitar with Ermanno Bottiglieri and also with Giorgio Mirto , performing music from rock, blues, folk-irish, singer-songwriter, rock and experimental.Gabriele is also a noted guitar teacher. Keyboardist - Feryanto Demichelis: Studying the piano from the age age three and with Maria Rezzo Feryanto won his first competition at age six, as well as competing in many compettions, winning as a soloist and in duo with Elizabeth Pitotto. Among his most significant awards,taking first prize in Florence in 1990 in the Competition Clementi-Kawai, the first prize at the 1993 Competition Masterplayer Lugano, fourth place in the competition Maria Canal in Barcelona in 1995, finalist in the TIM (piano four hands) in 1997 and Audience Award in the competition "Strade del Cinema" of Aosta in 2005. In 1994 and 1995 he participated in internships in conducting in Lugano, at the invitation of Richard Schumacher, and in the years 1995/1996 He undertook an intense concert activity as a soloist in Switzerland, Italy and Indonesia (his home country). He studied piano and counterpoint is predominantly focused on composition and teaching. In 2007 he recorded as a solo pianist, part of the soundtrack of the film 'The Sweet and the Bitter' by Andrea Cardinals. At the end of 2008 he recorded and produced the disc 'Veil of Maya' for piano, drums and cello. Since 2009 he has been the artistic director and professor of modern and classical piano at the music school Music Avanguardia Rivoli.

Jinmo To Appear at NAMM Conference 2016

TMG affiliated artist, JINMO, will be appearing at the NAMM Conference in Anaheim, CA later this month, as well as playing a few other dates in that area, so check him out if you can. A wonderfully inventive musician/artist

Asian Boston Media Group Looking for Talent

A job notice from my friend Leo Anthony at Asian Boston Media Group. Pass it along. Get the word out! If you know of someone that may be interested, just follow the contact link provided below and...Good luck! From Leo Anthony:

Hi Everyone! ABMG is working on a music video and the concept calls for a good-looking white male (age 16-25) who can sing. There is a song being produced for the video. If the candidate is already in a band or working on a solo career, then this could be a side project. This is paid plus potential song/video royalties. Living in New England or NYC is preferred. If interested, please send photos and homemade video (please record a One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer song), or professional video song links to audition@asianboston.com . Follow-up details will be sent to candidates accordingly. Please pass this along! Thank you. Best regards,

Leo Anthony

Koneskin, Cloud Over Jupiter to be featured on the Paul Sears Radio Hour

TMG affiliated bands,KONESKIN and CLOUD OVER JUPITER are to be featured on the Prog Rock Diner/Paul Sears Radio Hour from 5-7 Monday night on radio Fairfax @www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax. Tune in Monday!

A message from Graham Robinson, CEO of Anglo-Saxon Booking.

The following message was posted by Graham Robinson, CEO of Anglo-Saxon Booking, based out of Romania and operating worldwide: "Anglo-Saxon Booking are delighted to announce a collaboration agreement with Transit Music Group in the USA, who cover independent record labels, distribution, promotion and event creation."A large part of this busines is networking and finding kindred spirits who share one's love of good music and the desire to do solid business, so this collaboration will be a very good thing, not only for both parties involved, but also for their respective roster of artists.We are confidently expecting that the two music groups collaboration will lead directly to more European artists being heard in North America, selling product there and going there to play live shows, and the same being true in reverse, for North American artists coming to Europe." All of us at TMG look forward to a successful, fruitful and prosperous relationship/collaboration with Graham and Anglo-Saxon Booking.

Anglo-Saxon Booking signs Koneskin

Some great news from Anglo-Saxon Booking head honcho Graham Robinson. The circle becomes bigger. Congratulations to Koneskin and Anglo-Saxon Booking on what will prove to be a great relationship!

Three TMG Bands To Have Music Featured in PROG Magazine

MORE BREAKING NEWS!....Three Transit Music Group/Global Music Initiative associated bands will have songs featured in the covermount CD of Classic Rock Presents...PROG Magazine as part of the January [#63] issue. PROG Magazine is considered to the the 'bible' of all things Prog, so this is special news. Mindset X will have the song 'Island' from their fantastic new release, OCEANS, newly signed Italian band Koneskin will be featured with the song 'To Fall Apart - PT. 3' from the brilliant LIBERTY PLACE album and TMG affiliated band Cloud Over Jupiter will be represented by the song 'Turnaround/Jupiter Rising' from their highly acclaimed new album, JUPITER RISING: 5th MASS FROM THE SUN. We at TMG want to congratulate all three bands for A JOB WELL DONE!

TMG and Anglo -Saxon Booking Form Alliance

BREAKING NEWS!.....TMG has just agreed to a working relationship with Anglo-Saxon Booking out of Romania and operating worldwide. Agency head Graham Robinson has worked with many notable acts over the years, both in his native UK and throughtout Europe and beyond. Transit Music Group is proud to add Graham and his company to our list of music business associates. Stay tuned for more info about Anglo-Saxon Booking and for other exciting TMG news.