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Who would like five (5) free hours of studio time?????

OBM Studios & BUSS-Radio will give away 5 FREE hours of studio time to the artist with the most votes! This is how it works: 1. Artist will submit their songs for the contest via e-mail to info@buss-radio.com. All entries must be received by or before midnight on 6/25/13. All genres will be accepted. 2. We will accept the first twenty entries -- all others will be rolled over to the following month for the next contest. Artists will be notified via email if this is the case. 3. All entries will be played on BUSS-Radio's S.I.T (Saturday Indie Takeover) segment, where the listening audience will be able to vote on the entry. 4. Listeners may call in, email or text to vote for their favorite local artist. The winner will be announced at the end of our show on Saturday 6/29/13. In addition to the free studio time, the winner will also get a chance to perform their song at the BACKYARD BOOGIE (cookout and indie music show) on 7/28/13 held at BUSS-Radio.

In the event that you do not have your song recorded in order to submit for the contest, BUSS-Radio is offering special discounted rates for those who need to record their song in order to submit it. Please contact K.A.O.T.I.K. Thought at the BUSS-Radio office (info@buss-radio.com) to schedule your recording session and discuss rates.

What can you do with FIVE FREE HOURS of studio time that would get your name and your music out of your head and into the street? Don't miss out on this opportunity to win studio time to get your music recorded!!!


We still looking for some artist that what earn some money for doing what that love.... spitting dem lyrics!!!!! Get at me!!!! This a chance to show the whole virtual world LIVE what you can do...

LIVE in the Studio with Geoffrey Cee...

What's up fam???? Last night was off the hook without doubt!!! I was hanging in the studio with B-more's baddest D.J -- Geoffrey Cee. I learn a lot every time I go to his studio. I always come away with something. Last night was no different...well maybe a little! It was hard to learn anything with bass of the House track bangin' in my chest as he does his Wednesday night live Internet radio show on Pressure Radio. It was a very good learning experience watching him do his thing live. Then seeing all the people in the chat room that were listening to and commenting on his set made a brother feel like it was '88 again at an old school house party. The show was very motivating I recommend you hop on next week & get your HOUSE on!

Where to find Geoffrey Cee: Tuesday nights from 8p - 10p on HandzOn Radio (www.handzonradio.fm). This station is US based. Wednesday nights from 8p - 10p on Pressure Radio (www.pressureradio.com). This station is UK based. Lookie here -- a US-based and UK-based DJ...makes him a WORLD WIDE DJ!

A Tribute to Nate Dogg...

OBM would like to take this time to pay respect to one of Hip-Hop's fallen soldiers, Nate Dogg. I have always been an old school East Coast Hip-Hop junky as long as I can remember, but when I heard this West Coast cat harmonizing over some slick rap beats back in the day he caught my attention. At first I was like "what the !%*&#! Who the hell is singing over my hip-hop track?" I was mad like I made the beat or something... That's how much I was against singing in Hip-Hop at the time, but the more I listened the more I liked it. Nate Dogg was one of the first male singers to ever sing over Hip-Hop beats -- back then you just didnt see it. After countless collaborations, Nate Dogg positioned himself as the go to guy for some smooth soulful vocals over that hardcore track. East or West, he was your guy. Getting somebody else besides Nate Dogg would be like saying you'd rather get somebody else to beat box besides Doug E. Fresh... Who else would you go get?? You don't go to the dentist if your back hurts. You go to the source that can deliver what you are asking for. So to Nate Dogg, rest in peace soldier...we will hold it down from here. Thank you for your contributions my brother. To his family and his whole camp -- keep ya head up. He will be missed...

"We gonna rock it 'til the wheels fall off!"

R.I.P. Nate Dogg, Khalid