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You and your band have struggled for months, played dozens of shows, rehearsed for countless hours, and saved enough money to be professionally recorded.... but you don't want to sit and work with an engineer who cares more about what's going on on his Facebook feed than what your heart is pouring out through your music... and then he will "fix it in post"- cookie cutter engineers that use the same preset for EVERY BAND, EVERY SONG. You want an engineer and producer that individualizes your every sonic characteristic - and will help you achieve the very best finished product he can. - Call us, schedule your meeting and tour, and see why we are "Your Sound Decision" plmrecstudio@gmail.com 239-257-3097

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Check out the official site at http://www.plmrecordingstudio.com to get the more in depth info on the studio and our services, and to schedule a walk through and meeting!