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Music promoter has night(life) vision for Glenwood John Stroud Glenwood Springs correspondent Aspen, CO Colorado GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Musician friends of Eric Smith sometimes ask, “Is there anything you don't like?” And, to be honest, Smith admits his tastes, especially when it comes to music, are pretty wide-ranging. “I can find something I like about almost every piece of music I've ever heard,” said Smith, a 31-year-old musician and concert promoter from Rifle. It's that philosophy which Smith and his business partner, Matt Bugielski, hope to bring to the Glenwood Springs entertainment scene soon. They're currently in the design phase for a new nightclub, called Occam's Razor, to be located at Glenwood Meadows in the mixed-use zone on Wulfsohn Road near Market Street. “We want to be open to everything … country, rock, pop, punk, metal, hip-hop, jazz … if it's art, we want to promote it,” Smith said. Once financing is in place, he and Bugielski plan to submit a formal application to the city of Glenwood Springs for a major development permit to build a one-story, 4,962 square-foot venue for live music, theater and dance performances, with occupancy for up to 360 people. At a conceptual review hearing in October, City Council members had the usual questions about parking, noise, crowd control and the like, but were generally supportive of the plan. “We hear it a lot that there's not much nightlife in Glenwood,” said Smith, who has promoted a variety of concerts and other events at various venues around the valley for several years. “A lot of locals and people who are visiting are looking for something to do after dinner hours,” he said. “We're not interested in opening another bar. There will be a bar, but we're looking for more of the nightclub feel.” The name, Occam's Razor, comes from the principle attributed to 14th century English philosopher Father William of Ockham, where, in Smith's words, “when presented with a series of questions, the simplest answer is probably the correct one.” In his case, Smith, who grew up in Rifle, has been wanting to bring live music to the area for the last seven years. Initially, he and his like-minded musician friends looked at buying the old Rifle Creek movie theater before the city of Rifle beat them to the punch. They went ahead and bought all the sound equipment and have been promoting shows at venues all along the Interstate 70 corridor. However, many of the venues are expensive to rent, and the shows typically break even at best. “So, this is what we should have done seven, eight years ago … the simplest solution,” Smith said. “What we really need is to create one, localized venue where we can put on all these great shows.” Smith has played drums in a variety of punk and metal bands since he was in middle school, and has a particular affinity for spoken word and rap. He started his own record label, Prophecy Records, in 2001, and has been working to promote local, regional and national touring artists since. “Colorado is a huge music mecca,” he said. “I talk to a lot of bands who would love to play here in Glenwood, but there's no place to go.” He said he likes the vibe the Belly Up in Aspen has created, which is the kind of vibe he'd like to see in Glenwood Springs. Smith also wants to cater to an all-ages audience. Occam's Razor is proposed to have a main floor performance hall, with a bar on the mezzanine level where only those over age 21 would be allowed. “It's a way to give kids another thing to do here in town,” he said. “And, it ties in with the tourism goals of the city.” Smith said he anticipates weeknight concerts with smaller audiences, and larger weekend shows that would attract more than 200 people. “Large events will occur around 14 times per year which would anticipate full occupancy of the facility,” according to a memo provided to the city explaining the proposal. jstroud@postindependent.com

Halloween Artist Review - The Finale

It should be noted that this update is coming AFTER the Hip-Hop Showcase, and we have to give the hugest apology to Time & AwareNess for that. Who knew that everyone in Glenwood near the venue would be responsible and keep their wireless connections locked up tight? Time & AwareNess (calm) There is very little about this amazingly talented duo that hasn’t already been said. But we will give it a shot, as we are incredibly pleased to have them aboard for this showcase. Time is an MC of almost incomparable lyrical savvy, whose lyrical wit and quick-thinking have brought him some notoriety amongst other MCs in the genre. Known for his free-style abilities as well as his knack for writing incredibly personal lyrics that can be related to by virtually anyone who takes a moment to listen, Time’s natural charisma and soft-spoken nature come through even when he’s yelling at the top of his lungs. With a healthy mix of politics, social commentary, and life-story, ALL of Time’s various projects are worth a listen to. DJ AwareNess’s abilities conflict and contrast quite nicely with Time’s vocal stylings. He uses strong, unique beats to drive home the importance of what’s being said, but reminds your soul to take a moment to just feel what’s going on. Also quite soft-spoken, AwareNess rarely gets on the microphone, but when he does his delivery is impeccable, and you can’t help but pay attention, and you find yourself smiling and nodding even when you have no idea what in the hell he’s talking about. As a stage duo these two avant-garde performers provide an eclectic mix of music and commentary, most notably when Time asks for “Three Words.” You give them to him, and he will work them into a free-style, custom made just for that show and audience. This is perhaps the most fun for those of us who know him; we once asked him to work in The Holy Bible, cunnilingus, and porcupine into a rap. It was one of the best stories we’ve ever heard. Look for an intense set, high energy and positive. www.myspace.com/timeawareness www.myspace.com/awareness http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=511572810 http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/AwareNess0 http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/thisistime Lost Point If you live on the Front Range and listen to rock music in any form, it’s a surety that you’ve heard of this band. Lost Point’s combination of guitar-driven music and an incredibly unique vocalist garnered them the title of Best Band in Denver, and that success bred much, much more. They took the sudden rise quite well, and quickly released an album, recorded some video, and gained themselves international acclaim. The truly unique sound caught on quickly, and they continue to tour in support of their material. They have shared billings with some of the biggest, but have no problem playing the humblest of shows. The eclectic nature of the band creates an incredibly broad spectrum of acceptance, and allows them to play a wide variety of shows with incredibly different bands. Lost Point’s stage performance has been called raucous, over-the-top, intense, amazingly entertaining, and a true crowd-pleaser. Having worked with them before, each of those terms applies, and yet each seems an understatement. They have the very unique ability of drawing the crowd in and holding them there, a skill which is inherent. It just can’t be learned. In an attempt to provide a very diverse and truly unique musical experience with our Hard Rock and Metal Showcase this year, we are truly grateful to these guys for coming over and joining the bill! www.myspace.com/lostpoint1 http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=&init=quick&tas=0.9913284415999024#!/pages/LOST-POINT/102184449825449 http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/lostpoint The Metal Showcase is TONIGHT!!! See you there!

Halloween Showcase Part 666

Frozen Eternity This band, formed as a three piece in 2005, is now a six-piece group with three solid recordings under their belt. Defining their sound as Melodic Death Metal, the amazingly technical and articulate guitar-driven style has brought the group notoriety in their home area around Colorado Springs, and in fact across the entire Front Range. This is the first time we’ve dealt with these guys, and in fact we only started communicating with them about two months back via ReverbNation. But their unique style and techniques coupled with their enthusiasm about coming to the Western Slope and playing with all of us has definitely made an impression. Having joined numerous regional and national acts on stage, the live performance these guys live promises to be energetic, powerful, and probably mildly chaotic. If their music is any indicator, however, it will be carefully directed chaos. Insane guitar solos, rib-crushing drums, and some truly unique vocals make them a force to witness, and we hope everyone gives them the Glenwood Springs welcome they deserve! www.myspace.com/frozeneternity http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/officialfrozeneternity http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/frozeneternity Dropjaw We really don’t know a whole lot about Kory Pederson, probably because he lets his music provide his introduction. Hailing from the relatively remote Lawrence, Kansas, Dropjaw cites influences from Phil Collins and Fleetwood Mac to Hieroglyphics and Public Enemy. His music brings a myriad of images to mind, and his poignant and direct lyrics are evenly matched when it comes to being able to understand versus being able to relate. He effectively gives a home-town feel to his high-energy beats, and allows his unique voicing steer his particular vehicle of muse. Dropjaw is currently out on tour with MC Homeless, and we were fortunate enough to have them contact Strange Powers and Ancient Mith about joining up with us for this showcase on one of their open nights. We are grateful and excitedly looking forward to it. www.myspace.com/dropjaw http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dropjaw/6111569303?v=wall#!/ MC Homeless MC Homeless is a hip hop artist from Youngstown, Ohio. He grew up attending DIY punk shows and singing in grindcore bands before starting a rap career at age 18. While attending college at the infamous Kent State he became active politically as well as musically. Homeless’s music has an almost melancholy feel to it, but it has the electrical charge of intelligent and pointed lyrics. The political and social undercurrents to his songs create mental imagery and evoke emotions more commonly processed in the music of his roots, but the effect is entirely different. Instead of creating a chaotic response, the only term that comes to mind is that his material creates a sense of focus. He has been relentlessly touring across the globe, and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him on his current cross-country trek. www.myspace.com/mchomeless http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=&init=quick&tas=0.10801726465894673#!/pages/MC-Homeless/270785314334 The Hip-Hop Showcase is TOMORROW, and only two more days until the Metal Showcase! Keep checking back for more information on the other artists for the rest of the week! See you at the show(s)!

Halloween Artist Review in Fifths

Ancient Mith Braden Smith started developing his stage show while in high school, cracking jokes in class and free-styling at parties. Some time in the first couple of years after graduation, he decided that music was the direction he wanted to move his life in, and he buckled down and truly began to concentrate. And for almost a decade now, that’s what he has done. He has released several EPs and albums on his label, Ponowai Flora, each one with an individual feel and sound. His various projects and guest spots have both spread his reputation and added to his experience, and you can really feel the changes he’s gone through in his life as you listen to his material. His unique style has earned him the respect of fans and artists alike, and he has partaken in touring opportunities all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. And each performance is as unique as the hairs in his multitudinous beard. On stage, Mith prefers to create his set list on a whim, letting his creative juices flow and taking the energy from the crowd to determine where he’ll go next with his music. But his show is far from “just” music. He spends a large amount of his time on stage ranting and raving about whatever object or subject is on his mind at the moment, and cracking jokes off the cuff as readily as breathing. And no one is safe from his comedic or musical stylings, from the government to the internet to the poor, hapless chap who just happened to walk in front of the stage at the wrong moment. Whenever there is an opportunity to bring Ancient Mith over to our side of the Continental, we take it. It’s like rolling the dice and having absolutely NO idea what we’re going to get, but we’re going to win regarless. www.myspace.com/ancientmith http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100000484137113 Machinery Cell While playing The Realm for Crowd the Fire, Jesse “Drummer” Robinson began to develop the beginnings of a project in his head. The problem with the idea was that he wanted complete and utter control over the music, as the songs were nearly complete in his mind. His solution was simple: He bought a digital recorder and began to lay down all the parts himself. He programmed the drums, played the bass guitar, keys, rhythm, and leads, and then layered in vocals and samples, with only one exception. He named the project Cordyceps and released it in the fall of 2009, burning the discs and printing and packaging the cases himself. Approximately four months later, while waiting for Matt to show up to practice for a different project, he began talking over the idea of his next album with Eric “Psikotyk” Smith. As the current band looked to be going nowhere, Psikotyk jumped off his drum kit and started working over the lyrics Drummer presented to him and writing some of his own to bring his very unique, if not mildly grating, vocal interpretations to the mix. In June, Drummer became a partner in Prophecy Records,and they signed Cordyceps and the as-yet unnamed project the two were working on. They scheduled an album release date for August 7th, and eventually settled on the double-interpreted name Machinery Cell for the project. Taking inspiration from the many hip-hop acts they have worked with and the faith that it can be done from Existence, the two set out to perform as a two-piece, with a band-in-the-box approach; Drummer plays guitar live, but the only other instrumentation is Psikotyk screaming along. The set is high-energy, loud, and as in-your-face as the two polar opposites can produce. The duo are currently working on the next album, and as “Against Our Better Judgement” has reached a higher level of success than anticipated, they are planning to remix and re-master that album for re-release. www.myspace.com/cordycepsmusic http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cordyceps/109103822451573 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Machinery-Cell/120405921338759?ref=sgm

...and to the...Four(th Edition of the Halloween Preview)!

Prophecy the Iron Monk Blaine Bell started his MC life way back in 1993, free-styling at parties and at friends’ houses. This eventually led to freestyle battles, and Prophecy carved his own little niche in the local and regional scenes. He won several organized battles, and earned himself credibility and experience with each notch in his belt. Eventually, this led to Blaine joining the LTD Cru in Grand Junction, CO. After a few years of shows and life experiences, Prophecy released his first album, “Gift Rap,” in 2008. The album is a mix of producers with an even broader mix of guest spots, and led to him creating several tracks for his next endeavor and providing an avenue for touring. The Iron Monk is still known for keeping his on-the-spot MC style a big part of his live performance, and still occasionally throws a pertinent free-styled verse in the place of an established or recorded one. And we’ve witnessed him on several occasions at the end of a performance sitting with the other MCs, all one-upping each other for the sake of the art. Most recently, Prophecy the Iron Monk joined forces with MC Entity to form their own lyrical duo The Middle Men. These two have been writing and recording a collaborative album, and their performances have a healthy mix of their solo material and Middle Men exclusives to keep the sets fresh. But he’s still a chomo. www.myspace.com/prophecyironmonk Glass Delirium Since forming in 2007, Glass Delirium has explored the depths of what it means to create. They are a progressive, hard rock band composed of dual male and female lead vocals, guitar and keyboards sharing the rhythm and lead, a solid and driving rhythm section, and the use of live instruments such as violin, fx pads, and other eclectic instruments. The intensity and emotion from this combination is delivered efficiently through their music by taking influences from rock, classical, jazz, pop, electronic, orchestral, metal, and movie scores. With both a marketable and an experimental sound, there is an individuality that radiates from each song they write. No two members of Glass Delirium process life the same and it shows in the end result of their sound. There is a contrast of light and dark that has been embedded into their music that comes from the belief that not being comfortable in your own skin builds character. Glass Delirium takes pride in their live shows and one can see how much passion and love they have for what they do. There is sublime energy throughout their theatrical performances that leaves the crowd enticed and wanting more. They have spent an amazing amount of time and energy on the road, performing with a wide variety of artists both famous and relatively unknown. In August of 2009, Glass Delirium released their first full-length album entitled, "Thanks to a Monster’s Many Heads.” Look for supporting video on YouTube. http://www.myspace.com/glassdeliriummusic http://www.facebook.com/glassdeliriummusic?v=wall#!/glassdeliriummusic http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/glassdelirium Only three days before the Hip-Hop Showcase! Keep checking back for more information on the other artists throughout the week! See you at the show(s)!

Halloween Showcase Review Number Three

Welcome the Fury Welcome the Fury, hailing from all across the Roaring Fork Valley, is a progressive hard-rock band showing influences from a variety of different artists from a variety of genres. They are relatively new to the local scene, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the chops to take the stage with some authority. Comprised of members from all over the area, all over the country really, Fury has a sound that is one minute reminiscent of Iron Maiden and has tinges of the Crickets the next, and then gives you an earful of mid-90s grunge the next. Fury’s live set is a high-energy process based on making an impact and leaving you with real impact. Every moment creates an impression, and these guys strive to make it a good one. www.myspace.com/welcomethefury http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Welcome-The-Fury/115686781819872 MC Entity MC Entity (a.k.a. Matt Johnson, allegedly a.k.a. Entity White) realized he was good at poetry from a young age. He wrote his first rap with J-Suave of Dub Rekardz in Algebra class at the age of seventeen, and at eighteen he began performing under the "Mc Entity" moniker at raves around Colorado. After putting in his time and paying his dues, he was picked up by the LTD Cru in Grand Junction, Colorado, and began recording and performing hip-hop music. On March 28th, 2009, he released his rookie album, “What Did You Expect?” on Broken Beaker Records. He followed with a year of hard work, performing and marketing all over the state and surrounding area. Eventually, the weeks of sleeplessness from mixing his career with his musical endeavors caught up to Entity, and he was forced to take a much-needed step back to recover and plan his next move. That move took place in the form of becoming a partner in the label he intends to produce his next album under, Prophecy Records, in July of this year. It also meant teaming up with fellow LTD Cru-member Prophecy the Iron Monk to form The Middle Men, an collaborative group operating autonomously from The LTD and their solo careers. MC Entity’s set often blends a healthy mix of body-moving beats and quickly-delivered cadences. His music tells stories, and those stories are truly reflections of who Entity has become in his life, complete with the ups, downs, and careening crashes that are inherent in most anyone’s existence. Buckle your seat belt, buy him a drink, and pray his bastard twin doesn’t rear his ugly head, but no matter what: Get up to the stage and listen in. http://www.myspace.com/mcentity http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Mc-Entity/139932732683546 http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/mcentity Keep checking back for more information on the other artists throughout the week! See you at the show(s)!

Halloween Show Artist Review Two

Strange Powers Born in a small unknown town on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, Strange Powers was raised in a house with a “Music Room” since before birth. His mother Candice Powers was a stellar gigging musician and song writer at the age of 14. She played countless shows with a developing Mr. Powers sitting comfortably in the security of her womb. As a result, Strange had a musical ear before he could say musical ear. He was heavily influenced by folk, country, jazz, rock, rap and even psychedelic music, writing tunes on multiple instruments by age 9. The multi-genre, self-proclaimed weirdo has worked with numerous regional and national acts in a variety of formats, from spinning to rapping to various stage-related antics. He has spent the last few months centering and focusing his attention on putting out his next album and spreading the amazing library of material he already has to the far reaches of the listening universe. Strange has a live performance that will leave you on the edge of your comprehension, as you try to balance truly weeding out what it is he’s saying to you with your body’s urge to just move to the music. It’s a high-energy, raucous performance that shouldn’t be missed, and we consider ourselves lucky to have him on our lineup. www.myspace.com/strangepowersmusic http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/strange.powers http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/strangepowers Poppa Capp Originally hailing from the I-70 corridor along the Roaring Fork Valley, Caleb Joseph Quintana started his musical career as a (gasp) heavy metal guitarist. He has always had music in his heart, and has never felt the need to limit that by genre or style. As he began to experience life and meet like-minded people, he began to feel the pull to his truest persona, Poppa Capp. Working with producers and artists in the Phoenix area, he began to record and perform his Southwest-influenced rap-stylings at house parties and various venues in 2004 and continued doing so until April 6th, 2007. At this point, Caleb took an Arizona State Law Enforcement-Sponsored extended vacation. He used the time to reflect and write, and upon his reentry into “society” on March 22nd of this year he hit the ground running. He immediately began working with his producers again in his goal to have an EP to release by the end of the year. He also began making plans to return to the Western Slope of Colorado, due almost wholly to his personal life, and in August signed to Prophecy Records. The Halloween showcase will be Caleb’s first performance in Colorado, if you don’t count his solo time in the car, since his return home, and his performance will be a debut of several new songs that more accurately reflect his life over the last several years than most of his previous body of work. His material is catchy and danceable, but has that legitimate backing to his lyrics that only his own life experience could bring to fruition. http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/poppacapp www.myspace.com/popscaps http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001429464958 http://ilivehiphop.com/profile/poppacapp Keep checking back for more information on the other artists throughout the week! See you at the show(s)!

Halloween Show Artist Review One

In preparation for the Two-Night Halloween Showcase we’re putting on, we’ll be posting one of these every day leading up to the shows. We’re randomly selecting an artist or two from each show and giving you a little more information on each so that you can get to know them a little better. We invite you to investigate more on your own, and we’ll be including pertinent social network info so you can. Feedback is encouraged and welcomed. Moniker Having grown up loving old-school punk, it was odd when Deuce, a.k.a. Sam Mullenax, discovered the same drive and lyrical content in hip-hop music in 2003. The experience of finding the same lyrical energy and social commentary in a whole new genre inspired him once again to start following that little voice in his head that told him, “I could DO this….” After a couple of years of free-styling at house parties and rapping with friends, he and a group of friends formed EBJ, which literally stood for Everybody but Jesus (as no one WASN'T allowed in the group). After spending the next couple of years refining his skills and finding his own voice, he moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, changed his moniker to Moniker, and joined the LTD Cru. He has recently begun working on material for his debut album, and has been enjoying a string of live performances. Moniker’s set includes an eclectic mix of material, from the crowd-pleasing “Western Slope” to the introspective “Disgusting.” And if you know Moniker at all, there’s a healthy mix of snide comments and guest appearances, too! www.myspace.com/monikerdeuce http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Moniker/157026810998494 Existence Several years ago, Isaiah Bernal and Matt Pfalzgraff decided to form a band. The problem was, they couldn’t find anyone who played drums or bass the way they envisioned. They tried various different artists out, they even tried bending their personal tastes to the people they were working with, all to no avail. But rather than give up, they decided to utilize their own talents and couple it with Isaiah’s sound engineering skills and they created a virtual band. Originally called 440, Existence is a two-man band with the sound of a five- or six-man band. The bass, drums, keyboards, and other instrumentation are all recorded and controlled by computer, while Isaiah sings and Matt plays guitar and provides backing vocals. The result is one of the most unique live performance experiences you will ever witness. The consistency and control of the performance, coupled with the immeasurable number of jokes and comments coming from the stage, make for an amazing sound and incredibly entertaining stage presence, and, unless you’re a jealous drummer, you hardly notice that there isn’t the traditional “full” band. Kind of like when you watch a truly good black & white movie, or a foreign film. http://www.myspace.com/existence2008 Keep checking back for more information on the other artists throughout the week! See you at the show(s)!

As we're heading into the next chapter....

We've been really trying to make a push to include more and more of you in our everyday activities, from our parties to our shows to our updates and music. We're looking to really make Colorado a stop-off point for touring artists, and you should know we're taking the necessary steps to make Prophecy Records a nationally-recognized label once again. We'd really like to open up an office in Austin, TX, or Jacksonville, FL, in the next six months. Also, as some of you have heard, the label is very involved in the attempt to open a large indoor music venue in Glenwood Springs, CO, sometime next year. This project is known as Occam's Razor, and much more information will be released as the process of development takes its natural course. BUT, for RIGHT NOW, we really want each and every supporter and fan to be able to step out and be proud that they support the local scene! That means that you should take a moment to check out each of the artists on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation. Facebook and ReverbNation searching is easy, and those two correlate really well. If you like what you hear, or just know someone who would, make a recommendation. It also means that you should take a moment and recommend us to some of your friends in the same fashion. We have a MySpace page, a Facebook page, and a ReverbNation page. No, we don't have Twitter. We don't feel so important that we would tweet our everyday goings-on. And you should take a moment to subscribe to this blog, too. A lot of show information and artist details are posted on here, since there isn't much room elsewhere. Check back here often, particularly in the next few weeks. We're going to be posting info on all the artists on our Halloween Showcases, and special discounts and insider information. And, most important of anything we do: OUR EARS AND MINDS ARE OPEN TO YOU! If you want to chat, ask questions, request info, recommend a friend's band, or you just want to see us bring a particualr artist to the area, DO IT! We LOVE connecting to all of you, and you should feel free to hit any of us up on our individual pages on all the social networks as well.

MC Entity Birthday Bash Thank Yous

First and foremost, we have to thank the fans for coming out and just letting loose! The energy was amazing, and fed us in ways that you may not comprehend. It's a strange factor in live performance, but when the crowd gets into it, the performer gives that much more. Second, thanks goes out to Tenacious Brothers Pub for letting us go a little nuts and have such a good time! We hope to do it again real soon. And the artists: Oddvox, on point as always. Brought your best, gave your best. Glad you made it out to round out the show, and mad love for riding the cream-cycle! Cup holder is nice, but needs a holster, though.... Moniker. What to say? Best performance in YEARS. Honestly. Time for some more music, brother. Seriously overdue. Prophecy the Iron Monk came dressed to the nines, like a betrothed coming home with a secret from his bachelor party. It's a little odd that he left LESS disheveled than he arrived, but who are we to judge? Live performance was explosive, and we're loving the new set you and Entity have put together. Entity? Nah, you're on the management staff. You don't get thanked. It's narcissistic. Haha. It seemed like you had a good birthday, though, man! Here's to years and years (and years) of more of these! Cheers! Ancient Mith, there is little we can say about your performance style that hasn't already been said. You continue to shock and awe the crowd, the other performers, and we're beginning to think even yourself when you grab the mic. We never did get the name of that first girl you pulled up on stage, but the second girl called her friends with the whole, "OMG, you will not BELIEVE what just happened..." and they rushed over to catch the end of your set. Which reminds us, thank you SO much for continuing to soldier on and lengthen your set to give Strange time to get there. Strange Powers, you sat on a broken-ass bus for eight hours, walked in, and ten minutes later WARPED THE UNIVERSE. We can NOT believe the energy you gave to your performance after a day like that! We were only sorry that last call had to come and end it. Thanks for coming over to our end of the state, sorry it was such an ordeal, but we sincerely hope you come over again and again and again! Sooner, rather than later.