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Kitty O'Malley

Just wanted to let everyone know that Kitty O'Malley has requested that her reverbnation site be removed and to remove her from the label.

Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

“Today we are reposting the song Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, for the parents of the children from the Ohio High School Shooting. Hope they can find some comfort in the song during their house of need. ”

Loving Memory

“Please listen to my new song Wrong Place At The Wrong Time, I have recorded this song in loving memory of our son Robert Charles he would of been 41 years old. He left behind 4 beautiful daughter and now has a grandson that he will never get to know. ”

Karin Denise Showcasing Again

Hey Ya'll! I will be Showcasing with my new band at The Las Vegas Country Saloon, Feb. 29th at 9pm to 12 midnight!! Located at 425 Freemont Street, Las Vegas!! Above Hennessey's Irish Pub. What a Beautiful room. Come down and have some fun with me & The Boyz! It's a whole new begining. Because I have been gone way too long from all of my friends! get ready Party!!!! Kisses........................​.......

Shut up or be taken to court

SDR wants to respond to the comment made by Rodney Bear on Anthony Edwards reverbnation. We believe that Rodney got involved with another artist that release himself from the label because of major issue that he has with the law, and when Rodney did this we had to do what we had to do legal by making Rodney to remove photos and music from his sites that belonged to SDR. MY THING IS WHY IN THE HELL WOULD RODNEY OR THIS OTHER ARTIST BITCH AND SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT SDR, THEY NEVER PAID A PENNY OUT OF THERE POCKETS FOR ANYTHING THAT WAS DONE, WE FEED THEM, CLOTHED THEM, ETC. ... So go ahead a believe whoever you want to but SDR knows the truth and so does the artist involved and this also goes out to a real old former artist too. If this b/s doesn't stop all are going to be in a court of law for slandering my company and me.

Conman Radio Broadcast

Want to say thanks to Conman for playing our artist music on the air for us. Conman is a great guy and were so glad that we was introducted to him by Derryl Perry go to www.derrylperry.com to check out his music.

Mike West to be recording the song "MUD"

We have received the official mechanical license form from the publisher in hand to record the song "MUD"

Artist removed himself from label

Rodney Bear has removed himself from our label because he felt that we was giving to much attention to other artist on the label. He didn't like the fact that when we promoted each of the artist on the label that we would post their progress to his website also the same has was done with the other artist. He had issues with being asked to work his website to help promote himself and felt that we didn't need to know personal matter about him that more or less related to the label. Sorry that he felt this way. SDR.

Welcom Chase Wright

As you will notice we have a new artist Chase Wright, he will hopefully have his music upload shortly, due to a power surger and some equipment damage his song had not been bounced to cd yet when this happened. He will have some video's upload to his reverbnation page later today so please check them out.

Eight Second Ride album for sale

You can go to Amazon MP3 and download Adam's Eight Second Ride Album that's now for sale by digital download only. SDR