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This is Fusion Guitar

Date=2010 Artist Name=Tone Center Presents Genre=Electric Guitar Driven Fusion Title=This is Fusion Guitar Record Company=Tone Center Pix= Review=Over the last ten years Tone Center has become the leader of the jazz/fusion guitar genre and is known for its recordings of guitar players who possess the highest quality of musicianship, which players are often referred to as The World s Greatest Fusion Guitarists. This significant compilation of the Best Of Tone Center is a proud moment for Tone Center and its faithful followers. I got this CD the other day and I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I knew all the recording artist were top notch musicians in their own right. However, You just never know what you are going to get in a box of chocolates. And that is exactly how this CD has turned out for me... Each tune is like a tastefully mysterious piece of savory chocolate that you are getting ready to bite into. However, this scrump-delicious box has all the chocolate pieces I like. Everything from sweet coconut almond joy to a blast of peppermint patty. You can not help but get lost in these wonderfully produced highly technical fusion tracks. It's easy to hear why the record label is called the "Tone Center" And yes, you will definitely get your rainbow of tone here and then some. These Fusion katz sure know how to take you there and beyond musically. So if you are a fusion freakazoid, then this is per se your Time/Life Collection of avante' Fusion Music. If your music player goes into information overload, then don't blame these guys. Labels: Bill Connors, Chris Poland, Dave Ficuzynski, Eric Johnson, Frank Gambale, Greg Howe, Jimmy Herring, Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse, TJ Helmerich TRACK LISTING 1.Beck's Bolero - (featuring Eric Johnson) 2.Oye Como Va - (featuring Mike Stern) 3.Extraction - (featuring Greg Howe) 4.Funhouse - (featuring Chris Poland) 5.Freeway Jam - (featuring Steve Morse) 6.Dr. Hee - (featuring Scott Henderson) 7.All In Your Head - (featuring Frank Gambale) 8.Colliding Chimps - (featuring TJ Helmerich) 9.Pickled Hearing - (featuring Jimmy Herring) 10.Plankton - (featuring Larry Coryell) 11.D'funk'd - (featuring Dave Ficuzynski) 12.Terrabill Blues - (featuring Bill Connors)

Parting Shot: Awesome CD w/ a great collection of the best electric guitar driven fusion music in the world handz down... Author=Scott Thomas STARS=5