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David Murphy (STS9) & Talib Kweli join Break Science at Camp Bisco

We are excited to announce that a once in a lifetime musical collaboration of epic proportions will go down at the 9th Annual CAMP BISCO in Mariaville, NY this July 15-16-17. David Murphy of STS9 will join Adam Deitch's Break Science along with hip hop legend Talib Kweli for what is guaranteed to be one of the most anticipated sets of music at this years CB9. This is in additional to a massive bill which already includes the Disco Biscuits, Thievery Corporation, Ween, LCD SoundSystem, Girl Talk and more. Tickets, full line-up, and more can be found RIGHT HERE.

Dark Party Releases PATROL PATROL Today

“A new collaboration from Eliot Lipp and Leo 123, Dark Party’s “Status” is an electro-funk dream—a DJ could place it next to Newcleus or Dam-Funk effortlessly, its lush synth pads and sample-based hook bringing memories of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo to mind.” - XLR8R “Anything with Eliot Lipp’s name on it seems likely to bubble over with Moogs and disco-pulsing sheen — and that’s not a bad thing. Leo123 and Lipp wear the Dark Party moniker like a slick silvery space suit, moon-raking over Daedelus’s earthy, Latin-based percussion throwdown with chopped vocals and alien, purring analogues. Lengthy, too; it’s less of a dark party and more like a dark electrofunk odyssey.” - Miami New Times

STS9 & Their Fans Have Made It Right

We are humbled beyond words to announce that STS9 with the help of our amazing fan-base has achieved it’s goal of raising $150,000, which will build a home for the Make it Right Foundation in New Orleans. Through $1/ticket fees, a remix album featuring dozens of our closest friends giving away some of the best music out there, to VIP parties and sound-checks in numerous cities… WE DID IT! It is overwhelming to have the support of fans like you all who in turn made this possible. Of course a huge shout out to all the artists, mixers, masters, accountants, lawyers, and more that were there every step of the way.

A little reminder we can make shit happen when we all work together and believe in the end-game. Check back here often for updates on when we break ground on the new home for someone in need.

STS9’s AXE THE CABLES to be Released June 29th

In December of 2009, STS9 sat down in one of America’s most pristine modern opera houses on a chilly night in Denver, CO to create the inaugural “Axe The Cables… An Evening of STS9″. What this night encompasses is one of, if not the most flawless STS9 event in the bands decade plus history. The entire show was played, for the most part, sans all “electric” gear including the common stage instrumentation of laptops our fans have grown quite accustomed to. To say the event was a hit is an understatement. It was a night legends are made of. So much so the band has decided to re-cut, re-mix, and re-master this into one massive release this coming June on their ever-exploding record label 1320 RECORDS. This release will be available exclusively through 1320RECORDS.com and iTUNES. “Axe” will be released next Tuesday, June 29th and will be accompanied by video out-takes via iClips.net

Stay tuned for more details, sneak peeps at the video and re-mastered audio, and MORE!

1320 RECORDS and STS9 Summer Sales

STS9 and 1320 RECORDS gear up for a massive summer, we want to say BIG THANKS for all of your continued support! So big that we’re going to be offering insane STS9 music sales all summer long via 1320 RECORDS. These sales will drop at random, so stay IN THE KNOW via and 1320 Twitter and Facebook pages as well as STS9.com. To kick things off right starting at NOON MTN today May 27th, ALL 2009 LIVE SHOWS as well as EVERY STS9 STUDIO RELEASE will be on sale for just $4.99 (320/MP3) for 9 HOURS! Get as many as you want and Get ‘em quick!

Come Together, Right Now, Over Beats ~ 1320.SF on SF Weekly

Come Together, Right Now, Over Beats

STS9 formed 1320 Records in 2005 after being unable to find a suitable partner to release Artifact. Since then, the Santa Cruz–based label has expanded into an inspiring community-minded project. Musicians on the label collaborate and tour together, building a support system that has been beneficial for everyone involved. "The artists we work with are all founded upon organic, personal relationships with friends, and we are truly fans of each other's music," says STS9 keyboardist David Phipps. He uses Nalepa Dub Orchestra's Steve Nalepa as an example. The L.A. artist, who teaches an electronic production class, found 1320 Records through STS9's Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes charity project, which eventually led to some of his students having their class projects released by the label. "This is what it's all about: making new music, and forming a collaborative community that feeds itself." On Thursday (April 1), the label will host its inaugural showcase at Temple. Dubbed 1320.SF, the event should have no trouble getting bodies moving with dirty beats, glitchy escapades, and cinematic sounds delivered by Nalepa Dub Orchestra, the Flying Skulls, Virtual Boy, and others. New alliances could be forged at the show. "There are the obvious collaborations — Virtual Boy is also in the Orchestra — but a lot of the music that will be performed is a collaboration in itself, being remixes of other 1320 artists' tracks," says Phipps, who will open the night with a short solo set on a Rhodes. "It will be fun for the artists to hear each other's material reinterpreted in a live concert, and for everyone to get down together. We'll see what happens at soundcheck as far as impromptu sit-ins." — Marc Hawthorne

The Flying Skulls Release Saddle Up EP ~ Exclusively on 1320 Records ~ TODAY

Since their last album dropped in October, San Francisco’s resident track doctors and improv electronic music innovators have been taking time out of their busy touring schedule to hit the studio. Hard. They’ve been sharpening their arsenal of dirty, tripnodic beats for an upcoming opus-of-an-album slated for release in late summer. Luckily three tracks demanded to get out, so we are presenting the Saddle Up EP. The release features a bassy mid-tempo title track, fused with funky synth lines and a driving groove laced with samples that declare western motifs like: “Have gun, will travel.” The EP also features a remix of a classic Skulls track The Dope Trade by two up-and-coming-producers. The first is remixed by one of the premier cutting-edge guitarist/producers on the West Coast, Curtis Sloane of BLVD. He takes The Dope Trade and refits the grooves with that buttery BLVD flavor. The second remix is by Asheville producer Brad Bitt and is sure to get your trigger finger itchy with it’s hyper edits and crunked-out distorted leads lines! Hopefully these three distinct tracks can hold you over until the LP drops! Cover art by visionary SF painter Ian Hill.

Check out “You and I Both Know” ~ Premiere from Alex B’s MOMENTS

Fresh-faced beatmaker and Brainfeeder mix contributor Alex B sent over this premiere of a track from his forthcoming debut, Moments. Entitled "You and I Both Know," this diddy is a brief look into the type of herky-jerky rhythms and smooth, spaced-out sonics to be heard through the album's 17 tracks. Within two minutes we are treated to a tweaked soul loop, delayed vocal stabs, sporadic percussive elements, and swirling synth arpeggiations wrapped around a descending bass melody. It all comes off sounding more like an interlude between larger movements, but we can only know for sure when Moments is released April 6 via Alex B's own Elm and Oak imprint.

Nalepa Dub Orchestra Live At The WIltern 2/12/2010 OUT NOW!

Nalepa Dub Orchestra Live At The WIltern 2/12/2010 NALEPADUBORCHESTRALIVEATTHEWILTERN 550

LA-based electronic musician, multimedia artist, music tech professor and mad scientist collector Steve Nalepa combines deep dub bass, glitchy beats, bioacoustic atmospheres and beautiful rhodes melodies to create his patented brand of ambient glitch dub. Nalepa has produced tracks with such legends as Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders, performed with the LA Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and shared the stage with some of the most revered electronic musicians and video artists in the world. Here he is joined by an all-star ensemble of his former students to perform electro-symphonic audiovisual versions of his compositions as the Nalepa Dub Orchestra.

Nalepa Dub Orchestra: Rhodes, Dub Bass, Lasers – Nalepa Cello – Esther Yim Viola – Jarrett Threadgill Violin – Maria Myrick Saxophone – Collin McClanahan Oboe, Tambourine – Morgan Hughes Beckett Guitar – Henry Allen (Virtual Boy) Synth, Vocoder, Handclaps – Preston Walker (Virtual Boy) Beats, Bleeps – David Streit (FuzZ) Drums – Andrew Swanson (St Andrew)

Collective Efforts "Freezing World" Single featuring Dillon is available NOW!

We are proud to announce that "Freezing World" featuring Dillon is now available for purchase. Produced by yours truly, this track was selected as the title for the new album which comes out FEB 16, and gives a good sense of the theme that is present throughout. Don't forget, the full length is out Feb 16th! Let all your friends know, this track is a banger, and it's available now at 1320 Records! Peace, Hameen And props to Mil for another fresh design! COP IT!

CE Single.php 550

____________________________________________________________________________ Savage Henry Yello-Jello Megamix FREE Download The debut offering from the Savage Henry camp and exclusive for 1320, yello jello is a beat bass pop culture excursion featuring vibesquad, the flying skulls, nasty nasty and vladimir computin.SAVAGE HENRY 550 album img.php copy

____________________________________________________________________________ Lowpro Lounge presents Knowa KnowOne OUT NOW!

The term "noble savage" expresses the idealized concept of the naturalman and the innate goodness of one not exposed to the corruptinginfluences of civilization. The Noble Savage EP is an expression ofthe conflict between nature and western society as well as the fusionof modern music technology and indigenous music technique.Taking influence from all over the world, Noble Savage starts out onthe Big Island of Hawaii, with a psychedlic surf dub jam featuring TheLaboratory and guitar of Open Mike. Track two is a Dubstep version ofa Latin Cumbia from Colombia. It then moves into deeper and darkerspaces with the title track Noble Savage, a collaboration withkeyboardist Makila, and the danceable, Arabian influenced, Sands ofAllah. The final track, "Bass Tribe 2012″ is a neo-tribal experimentalpiece used in performances by the Dakini Temple's Elizabeth Bast.The idealization of the noble savage may have been a racist myth, butthe value of the preservation of the ways life that are sustainable,versus the vanity and environmental destruction of material capitalismcan't be denied by knowone

LOWPRO 550 img.php

____________________________________________________________________________ Welder Chalice Well Ep

"Chalice Well" EP (ANC001) / 2008, ASCAP - RELEASE DATE: 12/20/08 The "Chalice Well" Ep represents the first release on his own imprint entitled "Ancestor". It represents a growth of organic sound design and dynamic melody that he has come to be known for. It crosses emotional terrains while working on blending organic and synthetic environments. It helping to achieve this, each track incorporates the use of homemade field recordings that originate from Glastonbury England, northern California, and the Northeast United States respectively. "Chalice Well" helps to pave the way for releases to come in terms of vibe but also in terms of artistic visions and recording methods.welder img.php 550

____________________________________________________________________________ Eskmo Agnus Dei / Harmony

"Agnus Dei" / "Harmony" (ANC002) / 2008, ASCAP - RELEASE DATE: 01/26/09 Following up from the lush downtempo sounds of Welder on "Chalice Well" (ANC001), Angelides picks up the pace and drops two massive tracks aimed at smashing down boundaries. These bits are far from the typical dance. Oozing with rich natural textures and a forward thinking vision, "Agnus Dei" and "Harmony" draw from a fusion of dubstep, glitch, rock, massive bass and epic melodies.

Ekmo img.php550