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Non English Language Rock

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2590

Rokkus Radio is creating a non-English language rock and roll radio program that will feature hard rockin bands from around the world. The presenter will speak English, but the songs will be in other languages. If selected, your music will appear on our online radio station, and your band may be featured in our social network at rokkus.com.

We are looking for up tempo, melodic rock of all kinds. Please submit songs that you can provide licenses for or can be licensed through traditional services. We also require an MP3 file and an English language translation if selected. All conversations must be in English. Thank you for your submissions!

Exit 22 Says Hats Off to David Snow


Former Arista, EMI producer, LA Reid associate and respected industry veteran, David Snow has an amazing ability to showcase your talent and capture your unique artistic vision in his productions. David is very diverse and can do all styles of music from Rap, R&B, Pop to Latin. After touring as a multi-instrumental "go-to man" with a variety of national acts in the 80's, David decided to leave the "road life" and pursue his passion of recording and producing music. He has been a musical “miracle worker” ever since, helping up-and-coming artists and transforming their music.

He founded Little Hipster Music in 1985 and produced many unsigned artists. As a direct result of David's demo/masters, artists have gotten major record deals with Arista, Sony, Warner, and EMI. With numerous songwriting, album and production credits under his belt, David is an experienced producer with the ability to make your talent shine and bring your music to life.

Music Xray band Exit 22 had the chance to work with David Snow for their track “Mistake of the Year” which they plan to pitch to radio and to young teen/tween artists. David worked diligently on making sure the mix was hot and the production was radio-ready.

“David was killer in the entire process, from reviewing and critiquing our tracks right down to the smallest detail within our song. With an ear for modern production and an extremely ambitious work ethic, David took our track and turned it into a solid, powerful production worthy of pop radio today.

David was able to add a ton of great production to the track, including loops, a breakdown and some additional delays that really brought the song to life. One can hear shades of Avril Lavigne and female-fronted pop/rock bands within the track, thanks to David's ability to draw the potential out of the song and create another sonic masterpiece. David was also extremely easy to contact and to talk to and always provided advice and descriptions of what he was doing. I doubt that anywhere in the world would you get such personal service from a top-notch producer.

Overall our experience with David was fantastic and we would not hesitate to use him again for mixing/production and song critiquing. Our hat goes off to David for his work on our project!

You can check the results here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TBwJDZkySc"- Maggie and Chris of Exit 22

We are truly excited with this new project by David Snow and Exit 22. And we couldn't be happier that again we were instrumental in making this possible. Check out Exit 22's Pop/Rock/Easy Listening song in their full EPK Exit 22 and check out David Snow's Initial Critique Leading to Full Production opportunity here http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/1966.

Exit 22 is currently doing a Kickstarter Fundraiser Project to help fund the work they're doing with the producers they met via Music Xray, which includes Stuart Epps. They have begun the process of seeking out and hiring world-class producers to mix/master their music and they need Kickstarter support to complete the project.

Calling All Musicians for European Compilation Project

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2878

Hot Touch Media will release their first 10 track LP for 2012. We have a great opportunity for 5 bands to feature two of their best tracks on a 10 track record, which will be released online globally and promoted locally. This is the perfect opportunity for independent unsigned artists to gain exposure in Europe.

Following this release will be a live event in Europe with the selected artists having the first offer to attend (not compulsory). This is a great experience for indie artists and bands to gain exposure in Europe and further promotion online worldwide.

Tupac Indie Fans Tribute Album

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2175

Looking For: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B

Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes

Instrumentals Accepted: No (Vocals Only) (no samples)

Compensation: Publishing, Royalties, Record deal

Description: Charlie Mac was recently appointed SR VP of A&R for Makaveli Music Group, and we are looking for exclusive original songs, for the Tupac Indie Fans Tribute album soundtrack.

This is strictly for the real Tupac Shakur fans, who want to express their gratitude and appreciation for his legacy. The artists who are selected to participate in this project will be asked to submit a 3 minute video explaining why they are a fan of Tupac Shakur, how he has inspired them, and what his music means to them. The video footage will be compiled into a fan tribute DVD that will be distributed worldwide with the fan tribute album, by Makaveli Music Group, LLC. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to (TASF), the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. Some artist may be signed to the label, so please don’t send anything that has already been placed, leased, licensed, sold to other artist, or other companies. The music must be 100% original, never been distributed before, and the recordings should be retail/broadcast ready.

Songs for Upcoming Artist

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2451

We are looking for songs for a young talented male singer. he's got already a song with a lot of potential, we are negotiating different deals right now but we are looking for follow up. His style goes from Bruno Mars to John Mayer. Think Pop R&B, Pop Rock, commercial singer songwriter. Up tempo preferred but smash hits ballads will be considered as well.

Bachata Pop for Artist on Billboard Chart

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2451

Looking for songs for an upcoming bachata pop group with a song playing on radio now and already on the billboard charts. It has to be catchy with very singable melodies and hooks and strong beats and grooves. only professional recordings please.

As an experienced musician and music business entrepreneur, Alex Morelli has developed a versatile background as a producer / engineer / songwriter and creative director.

Throughout his career, Alex has worked at some of the best recording studios in NYC, including Unique Recording Studios, Quad Studios, Mirror Image, Spin and Chung King.

Looking for Artists and Songs for New Record Label!

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2862

Record label looking for new top 40 artists and songs. Looking for dance, hip-hop, rock, house, dub-step, and more. Please upload songs here for review with a return email address. Thank you, Gino

Gino Caporale has spent most of his life behind the turntables or a mixing board. He began his career at the young age of 15 after stumbling upon his uncle’s turntables and mixed beats. Once he got his hands on the vinyl, he was hooked. In the early ‘80s, Gino first honed his skills in local nightclubs, like Cachet. He moved on to larger and higher profile venues, like GWizz and Christine’s, where his true talent and ability were able to flourish while working alongside other influential DJs like Robbie Tronco

2P Records Compilation Project - UK Artists and Bands Only

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2262

We are looking for rock acts to record and produce 2-3 songs. We are a small label in London with a realistic view of the current industry. Out main resource is our studio facilities for recording while every other aspect runs on a budget. So we are looking for bands to produce and release on our label that can provide their own travel to London for the recording process. We offer no management or booking services we are mainly focused on developing the bands artistic material and releasing it in recorded form. We are looking for Rock bands that could hold their own with the Foo Fighters, Muse and Kings of Leon. Submit away and we will tell if you suck and should just give up and get a real job or if we want to work with you.

Note that we are focused on signing bands in the UK. If you are interested in becoming part of our label roster you will need to be based out of the UK.

Music Video Submission for Upcoming TV Show

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2832

We are taking well known and unknown bands and artists that have good quality music videos for an up coming TV Show featuring bands and artists Music Videos.

This show is in pre production. If you are picked then we will contact you directly.

We, are not taking Rap/Hip-Hop or Modern R&B Videos. We, will take all other genres. Please be sure to provide a link to your video and/or embed your YouTube video into the music xray that you are submitting.

Chronolung Gives Thanks to Stuart Epps


“At last a great band that can really play their instruments!” - Stuart Epps, Record Producer/Audio Engineer

Chronolung is a declaration, a sound, an innovative mixture of staccato riffs and heavy melodic rhythms defining a new genre of rock music. This young power trio from Austin, Texas is spearheaded by Collin Fish on guitar and vocals, supported by his brother Kevin Fish on drums, and childhood friend Ian Grimes on bass. Their dynamic and soulful live performance substantiates that Chronolung is set to ignite a new form of musicianship.

Chronolung had the chance to work with Stuart Epps, one of Music Xray's producers whose most noteworthy clients have included Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Brian Adams, Oasis, Robbie Williams, and Elton John, for their EP “Crank It”. Mixed and mastered by Stuart, Chronolung’s second EP is a collection of the band’s best recordings yet. The music is infectious, appealing to many genres such as rock, alternative, metal and pop fans of all ages.

Below is the email we received from Chronolung band members Collin, Kevin & Ian:

Chronolung's connection with Stuart Epps through Music Xray came at a perfect time for the band. Stuart provides a great service to bands that don't have huge record company budgets but want huge results. Stuart took Chronolung's tracks recorded at home on Pro Tools and turned them into something very special. If a band usually wants a very professional sound, they need to spend a decent amount of time in a quality studio with a producer. The cost can be $20k+ but instead Stuart takes your home or studio recording, mixes them and ads his production ideas. The technology today allows any musician with a minimum budget and a little practice to get good sounding tracks recorded in their home. Mixing, production and mastering are a different thing though and that is where Stu comes in.

On our EP "Crank It", Stuart took the raw tracks and heard "the sound" that the band should be working for. At one point, we were discussing the drummer's (Kevin Fish) sound as played on a Vistalite set in a very ambient room and Stuart said "this is the sound I used on Led Zeppelin's drums. That kind of experience is irreplaceable when it comes to making choices for mixing. On the song "Crank It", the ending section of the song had us stumped because it needed a little something else. Stu sampled the vocals from the first verse, dropped them into the song and they worked awesomely. In the bridge he added a little vocal harmony that fattened up the sound and provided a little counter point to the verse. All of these things that a seasoned producer hears in a song is what makes a truly professional result on a much smaller budget than what was common in the past. Stuarts mastering experience also guarantees that you will get good results on all audio systems. The EQ of the finished results were spot on. The mixes sound great everywhere. Thanks Stu from Chronolung!

Congratulations to Stu and to Chronolung! Indeed another awesome connection with Stu who also had the chance to work with Music Xray artists Exit 22, Borboleta, Matthew Meadows and more.

With decades of experienced garnered from working with the very best musicians at the top of the industry, coupled with a real love for music, Stu has an intuitive knack for knowing just what will make each track sound most authentic, a deep understanding of musicians and their needs and a clearheaded, dedicated approach to getting the job done. So working with Stu is working with a true legend who's always on top of his game.

Check out Stuart Epps' multiple opportunities here http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/943 and find out how it is to work with a seasoned producer. And listen to Chronolung's songs, from their "Crank It" EP, in their full EPK here http://www.musicxray.com/artists/chronolung to find out why they describe themselves as “unapologetic, freight train rock”.