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Paper Moon

Put together a master guitar player, Tony Quarrington (Pic of Tony here)with the playful vocals of Zoey Adams (Pic of Zoey here)and you have the the Jazz Oldies duo, Paper Moon. Then add in Tony Laviola, (Pic of Tony L here) a from-the-heart Bass player, and you have Paper Moon in a jazz trio configuration.

We were fortunate enough to catch this group recently at the cosy Gate 403, located at 403 Roncesvalles Avenue, just south of Dundas Street. (Insert pic of trio here)

Tony Quarrington and Tony Laviola are longtime faves of ours, but this was our first time hearing Zoey Adams. What a lovely surprise.

There is a wonderful synergy between Tony Quarrington and Zoey Adams, who have been performing together for a long time. Tony Laviola is a long time friend and musical partner of Tony Quarrington's and had no trouble fitting right in. The friendly banter exchanged between songs and the ease with which they can read each other's next move is uncanny. (Pic of Zoey here)

Their set list consists of a medley of old tunes, some jazz, some melodies which they have adapted to the jazz style.

It included songs by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Bronisław Kaper (HiLili HiLo, Green Dolphin Street, Invitation) Harold Arlen (Over the Rainbow, Let's Fall in Love, Stormy Weather, World on a String) and of particular note, a sweet old song based on an 1800's nursery rhyme called A Tisket A Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald, in conjunction with Al Feldman, (later known as Van Alexander), extended and embellished the rhyme into a jazz piece which was her breakthrough hit with the Chick Webb Orchestra in 1938. It has since become a jazz standard).

It is really lovely to hear some of the "oldies but goldies", which are seldom showcased, and we loved the arrangements that Tony Quarrington has done.

Zoey Adams is not only a dulcet toned vocalist, but she is also a very good entertainer. This is not surprising considering her acting background, but it is a welcome change from the norm. She makes a lot of eye contact with the audience, instead of staring off into space as some do, and she moves around, and she smiles a lot. Her ability to connect with the audience reminds me of Jazz artist, Carol Welsman.

The multi-talented Tony Quarrington himself is no slouch when it comes to being an entertaining performer. In addition to his masterful guitar playing, Tony Quarrington has a quirky sense of humour and loves to make sotto voce wisecracks to his comrades. Tony adds in harmony vocals to many of the songs, and he and Zoey just sound great together.

Paper Moon is a group that we look forward to hearing more in the future.