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Back And Now I'm taking Action And A stand

Ok I'm Back : "Bart Speaking" , sorry for the long Absence The site was Or Is hacked , but i'm working on it , sorry guys for that , but more news for all the members at the label soon , i'm Superbusy belive me , to get this label somewhere!!!! 20/01/2011 Talent pool for collaborations, Recording Joint bookings/marketing Commission for bookings More info soon , Newsletter follows , The belgian 40 goes to the next level! have a strong 2011


THE SUPPORT HAITI TUNEPACK, THE SUPPORT OPEL TUNEPACK , THE HELP PEOPLE TUNEPACK , SPREAD THE NEWS SPREAD THE NEWS ...... CA SUFFI , STOP, HELP ELKAAR! CANCEL THE HAITIAN DEBT! Everybody on facebook, put this as your status! Listen to the tunepack of The belgian 40, These are The best turning Artist on the internet in Be......lgium for the moment !!!!! Congrats to gloom and Tiny legs Tim for there selection at Humo's rockrally !!!!! We pray for youWith:Tiny legs Tim, ULtrabase, Astromancer, Pearls for Swines, Tommy,Steven does, Station stories, ...Distance fires Burning and so onBig respect to all MusiciansThank you so much for your interrest http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2279035