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We are now accepting new artist for radio play

Get heard and played on our radio, that is embedded on 15 domains of our own. Though we have pulled from social networks we found it to be less social nowadays. You will be placed on our advertisements we pay for, this is have a small cost if you would like to share cost you can get a musicians website hosted and built if you don't have the know-how at a reasonable price. we are about to embark on new partnerships beginning the new year with radio hosting services, that have their own live players on their sites using them as a live demo for their customers. We do have our own social networking site to hang out at with other musicians, through this system is new it will be up to most of you to help make it active, we have had to rebuild much of our services. thanks, Creative Minds Join Productions https://cmjproductions.com

Who Are We?

Streamerz Radio Network Is Covered By BMI SOCAN ASCAP AND MANY MORE TO LIST,

CMJ is the Owners of Streamerz Radio Network. CHECK OUT EMR Records and Management also in our fan list they are good people, join for exposure and fan them back.

We have promoters helping us in many different ways from USA and Europe, we have marketers and teams of many connections using metaverse worlds like secondlife, that have real business's such as Relay For Life.

One rule all need to know is you might fan us, but we pick you, we cant just take everyone all at once, we pick then create the roster to push on to dj's so it fits the many shows we will have tied in.

Streamerz Radio Network is Galactic One Radio, UP Radio, Highlander Radio.: We promote using Streamerz Radio , and Galactic One Radio for Artist Promotions, We also use video for promoting artist.

Do know we request permissions to air your music or make any type of uses for any productions or reproduction we may use for your adverts for shows, events or any other way we can, to get you seen heard and knew about. Such to upload to youtube or any other video services or audio services proven permissions need to be given and granted if we are asked of such, We do this to protect your rights.

Once we place you in the roster and you accept, we then reply with a request for permissions. You then would have to reply stating your band name or copyright holder name/s of lyrics composing music for such uses and limitations. Optional Lyrics if offered,

We provide a radio profile for you on our site so viewers get full details possible of most important information like a press kit would offer.

We will not or do not offer no files to be freely downloadable it defeats the purpose to protect your rights. We do promote as well, celebrity bands like Sugar Bear Trio, and Bill Leverty for his solo album. and we hope we are one of the promotions that help get 19til dawn off the ground and even these folks know we will protect them,

Our owned sites is DMCA protected and we're in ties to DMCA.COM

At times we may ask you to perform on radio join in on a conversation or mingle with us, these are simple things we may ask of you, to expose you more, we look for artist seeking any gig for a start off, we can be that service, we have so many options to help mange or promote you, we offer a lot for being a free service catering to you. we do offer other services to help us keep what we do for you free how ever.

Join us, let us be your gig to expose, we pick the songs, we will vote on listeners likes, you do us the favor by telling your fans where to tune in to hear your tunes, we grow as your fame dose on our shows. if your not busy take up the offers on interviews, sit ins and much more, conversation on music or current events.

Streamerz Radio is also Galactic One Radio, UP Radio, Highlander Radio.

A network of creative minded people that has joined to help artist get heard.

a service that supplies Shoutcast or Icecast radio stream services within a few metaverse communities and public access to listen. and a team of radio stations that help promote artist of all. join in today. Managed By CMJProductions.co.uk, creativemindsjoin.net and .com

- CMJ Promotions CMJ Productions is the main back bone of Creative Minds Join, it is our production part to what we are combining to enable the many activities or services we offer.

The History: CMJ Productions has over 26 years of software design, development, usability, and systems experience. Web hosting services is provided by CMJ Productions, a United States based company, headquartered in Kansas City, MO. Our company aims at providing a large number of professional services .

Allen and Douglas
Allen and Douglas  (almost 5 years ago)

We read about your roster with great interest. We are particularly interested in getting exposure on radio as we have a new album out in the next wk or so. ALL THE BEST CRAIG (ALLEN AND DOUGLAS)