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I Am The Trireme Announce Album Release Date

April 24, 2013 Philadelphia, PA

I AM THE TRIREME announce the release of their latest album UNHOLY on Dark Harvest Records.

Few bands can match the ferocity and sheer brutal combination of melodic death and vile symphonic black metal that I Am The Trireme (pronounced "i am the tri' reem") has conjured. Hailing from Philadelphia PA, IATT bring forth a relentless, fast paced, crushing wall of blackened brutality and haunting melodies. IATT announced to day the release of their latest album UNHOLY on Dark Harvest Records. UNHOLY is the re-imagining and re-recreation of IATT's debut self release titled Unholy Divination. IATT guitarist Alec Pezzano explained the project, “As artists we have grown immensely in the past three years (since Unholy Divination's 2010 release), and pushed ourselves in ways we could have never imagined. We still loved the material from the original Unholy Divination, but had a new vision for what those songs could have been. Thus UNHOLY is the re-telling of the nightmare from a much wiser, darker, refined IATT. While the original Unholy Divination was in essence a window into a world of black magic, conjuration, and the occult; UNHOLY is the promised return to that world, culminating with the bonus track, Finding It Hard To Maintain.” UNHOLY was produced, mixed and recorded by IATT's Jim Jenca at his personal studio. Drum tracking was done at 0x1 Sound Studios in Cherry Hill NJ with award winning audio engineer Jason Ruch. (Ruch produced and mixed the original Unholy Divination). Mastering was done at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler AZ by Ryan Butler. UNHOLY is set to hit stores and e-tailers on 6/4/13. Dark Harvest Records is currently running a promotion on their facebook page (www.facebook.com/DarkHarvestRecords) to give away 5 pre-release and autographed copies. A preview track, I AM Many, is available on the Dark Harvest Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/dhrextreme/i-am-many. PREORDER a copy today at DarkHarvestRecords.com For interviews, airplay copies or anything else contact: Jay Burton Dark Harvest Records jay@darkharvestrecords.com www.darkharvestrecords.com

Skrypt Signs to Dark Harvest Records

Progressive Death Thrashers , Skrypt, signs to Dark Harvest Records

Skrypt is a 5 piece Thrash Metal band formed in late 2006 in Hyderabad,India. The band has a unique blend of Groovy thrash metal mixed with some progressive patterns and melodies. The variety in tastes of the band brings out the uniqueness.

Right from the start the band has been gigging hard playing pub gigs, competing and winning many competitions such as Youthopia, Campus Rock Idols Hyderabad and runners up at IIIT Hyderabad and Yamaha Roxx. In August 2010

Skrypt will be hitting the studio in October to work on their debut release! The mixing and mastering duties will be handled by Josh Hughes of Doombringer Productions (New Zealand).

Skrypt comments on signing: "We're really excited about starting this new partnership with DHR. We're aiming at taking things to a new level with the next album and teaming up with a label like DHR is just what we needed. We'd like to thank the label, fans, friends and everyone else who has supported us over the years. This is just the beginning. Cheers"

Skrypt currently consists of :

Scenic G – Vocals Joel K (Ex-Wreckage)Guitars Ravi – Guitars Rajiv – Drums Abbas - Bass

Check out Skrypt at these locations:

www.facebook.com/skrypt www.youtube.com/skryptband www.reverbnation.com/skryptband www.myspace.com/skryptband

For press inquiries contact: pr@darkharvestrecords.com

Dark Harvest Records www.darkharvestrecords.com

Blood Tribe on iTunes

http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/repulse-ep/id436507424 , follow the link, get the new e.p.!

Blood Tribe show this Saturday in St. Louis

Come see a great metal show at Just Bill's Place for only $5 at the door! For information on the venue go to www.facebook.com/chunksofmeat.com Also, we are trying a new promotion using Reverb Nation, print out our band page (Blood Tribe) and bring it to the show, You can use it for a dollar off at our merchandise table! Also it let's the venue know you came to see us, so we can get paid and can come back! If you have any questions about any of our upcoming shows or want to know what kind of peanut butter we use or what kind of food we like, or whatever, please feel free to message us here! We hope to see you and your friends at the show!


It's here! the FIRST day of SUMMER! Time for some summer concerts! And we will be working on a compilation CD this summer! I have been sending unsigned bands a notice that we will be producing a 20 song album, all unsigned bands, and the bands will receive 10 free copies of the CD. All They have to do is send in One song (Best sound quality you have) and get the release form from Dan (yeah, yeah, legal stuff so we can sell the CD) send it to Dark Harvest Records 119 Turner Drive Reidsville, NC 27320 USA Hope you have a great summer and if you need some killer metal go to www.darkharvestrecords.com ,it's paypal friendly

Join the Street Team Mission

We really give away prizes, so please join the Street Team Mission! I'm off to Vegas for a few day, when I get back I hope to see more visits, more fans, and some STREETTEAM activity! Have a METAL weekend.... \m/ \m/ and check out www.wolfhoundmetalradio.com and www.Nvasionradio.com and www.nightmaresradio.com and request some of your favorite metal bands from around the world!

I'm gonna CRANK IT UP!

Hell Yeah! Time to do some yard work, so I'm gonna crank it up! Hope you checked your spam filters so you can get emails from us and the Street Team is able to get the Widgets to cut/copy/paste on other social websites and blogs. Blood Tribe will be doing a mini tour this month so make sure to check them out if your are in the Bluefield, WV area or the Richmond, VA area or the Ohio area (forgot where they'll be) but I have to go work on this swamp cooler before it reaches 100 degrees! later on Metal heads \m/ \m/

June 1st already!

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing memorial day weekend, I know I did! But now that the grill has cooled down and the beer is all gone (gotta run to the store) make sure to keep up the visits and the plays here on Reverb Nation! No one has grabbed the Widget for the street team mission, so we are hoping you will read this blog, go to the street team mission page and do that. If you want to order any of the music here, you can visit our online store at www.darkharvestrecords.com ,Hope you have a great rest of the week and remember to stay metal! \m/

radio, radio, radio, radio....

online radio! killer! never have to try and tune in again, just let the PC do the work! AWESOME! but soo many to choose from. Here are my suggestions Metalites, www.Nvasionradio.com sun,mon,and tues from 8 - 11 p.m. (est)www.wolfhoundmetalradio.com it's 24 hrs, but Dj insane Patient has a killer show every tues. from 2 - 5 p.m. and www.WCNIradio.org Sat 9-12MID Please Pass the Metal with Bob-Hardcore, Death Metal, Grindcore 3 hours of face stomping metal and hardcore. And let's not forget our friends at www.nightmaresradio.com !!!! Thank you Sensi

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