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We are very happy to inform our friends and artists, cha we made an important partnership with D.C. Coast To Coast USA FM. Important and strategic combination of experience and skills that provide a valuable aid to independent artists... come and see us and hear us from Monday to Saturday right here: http://www.livestream.com/dccoasttocoast

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ANGELO PETRUZZI - Ceo Radio Indie International Nertwork/ Petruzzi Entertainment Administrator

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Radio Indie International is not just a radio station as the other thousands in the world and is no different from the others for the purposes it is intended, the essential difference that stands as an essential tool for artists and bands are not famous, we greatly in the talent that often we find in the artists we have in rotation, and with them that we do our work, from its inception to date have been thousands of artists who have supported and promoted, and we are happy to see that many of them now occupy in the music scene world a place of absolute importance and we are delighted to have offered them the opportunity to grow professionally and to have realized their dream of making good music and be appreciated by listeners ... this and the satisfaction of Radio Indie International... this is our mission ... There are still many goals to reach and are ambitious we are developing in collaboration with numerous partners around the world and all face toward the music and the artists who play by encouraging the professional opportunities and work necessary ... our long road and many opportunities will be realized in the near future and we are happy to share this with the artists themselves and with fans and users to good music. Every artist that are in rotation with us becomes a part of our roster automatically and are all represented here in the appropriate area ... enjoy!