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Leave Scars

Metal To Infinity Review: Leave Scars - The Arrival http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/CDREVIEWS/Leavescars_Thearrival.html 85/100

Ulysses Siren

Above The Ashes Review: http://www.brutalism.com/content/ulysses-siren-above-the-ashes 5 Stars!

Taunus Metal - Germany

In Memory Of Jon Torres - Ulysses Siren:



Metal To Infinity - Belgium

Hails Nathan, Check it out brother - your story about the loss of Jon Torres has been posted at: http://metaltoinfinity.be/INTERVIEWS/In_Memory_Of_JON_TORRES_2013.html Without beating around the bush, straight from the heart answers .... pure as can be and that's what I like. Thanks a lot doing this Nate, to me a pleasure to work it all out... we will will never forget Jon Torres !! By The Grace Of US Metal, Stefan www.metaltoinfinity.be

Ulysses Siren

Infernal Masquerade Review http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002584-ulysses-siren-%E2%80%93-above-ashes-2003 With Thrash Metal being born back in the 80’s in the Bay Area, it is not surprising that many bands just didn’t get enough attention when they should have. Ulysses Siren is the perfect example of how a very high-quality band didn’t get a fair shake and ended up in relative obscurity. Being at least 5 times better than Dark Angel, Testament, Metallica, etc., this band delivers seven riff-driven tracks that represent the band’s early demos. With “Above the Ashes” we have a testament of a band that could have been something else if the right things would have worked out for them. Opening with “Terrorist Attack” we immediately feel the Bay Area Thrash vibe with the intense riffing and the crushing vocals. The band’s spares nothing and delivers a brutal riffing assault that only a few bands those days would have pulled off. Showing no mercy, “The Reich” keeps the intensity levels super high with some epic melodic passages and devastating solos. Rounding up their 1985 demo “Terrorist Attack”, featured in the first 3 songs of the album, “Lake of Fire” is the best track in this release, with a heavy Death Angel vibe mixed with some classic Kreator. The instrumental “Leviathan” opens up their 1987 demo, with a certain different pace, but an equally catchy and powerful Thrash vibe. On “Above the Ashes” we can see how the band refined their sound and it is now more cohesive and direct. The riffing is as intense as before, but the guitars sound cleaner and the vocals are more potent. With “The Resurrection” rolling in, we can appreciate some very crafty drumming and killer dual guitar attacks. The band’s sound is timeless and if you didn’t know that this release is from the 80’s, you would never know it. As a whole, “Above the Ashes” showcases all the talents and killer songs crated by Ulysses Siren. Since the band didn’t get a real shot back in the 80’s, it is cool to see that they are reunited and ready to attempt a new comeback with the current wave of Thrash Metal revival we have been facing the last few years. We can only hope the band can still pull off this killer sound and sheer riffing power, and we hope to hear new material from them soon, until then, keep listening to this solid compilation release. Band: Ulysses Siren Album: Above the Ashes Label: Relentless Records / Scrap Metal Records Release: 2003 Genre: Thrash/Speed Metal Country: USA Rating: 89/100

Malevolence Records© Presents

Infernal Masqerade Review http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002587-metal-over-oostrozebeke-presents-%E2%80%93-perseverance-2013-2013 Arriving via Malevolence Records, today we have a very diverse sampler that contains everything from Thrash Metal to Melodic Death/Black Metal and related genres. Featuring eight different bands, this release makes for a very interesting time, with very contrasting changes between bands and some excellent tracks mixed in between some sub-par ones. Opening we have Mad At Sam, a Thrash/Crossover band that can easily go unnoticed with their track being less than two minutes long. The drastic contrast is immediately felt with Aegror and their very enjoyable Melodic Death/Black Metal that fusing influences from Carcass, Grave, and several other bands into a very cohesive and engaging sound. “Behind Walls” and “Prophecy” are taking from their 2013 EP, a release we will be trying to find as soon as we are done writing this review. With Thrash Metal being the specialty of the day for Malevolence Records, we finally find our first good dosage of Thrash with Sanity’s Rage and their two excellent tracks: “Once You Cross” and “Taste of Decay”. This Belgian band delivers intense riff-drive Thrash Metal with a certain Edge/Dark Angel/Testament edge that is quite enjoyable and well executed. More Thrash/Crossover is on our way with T.C.F, a track that lacks recording quality and sounds very dismal when compared to the previous and following songs. Leave Scars comes at us with another solid dosage of Thrash Metal with a an old-school vibe reminding us of Death Angel. The two tracks presented here feature solid riffing and very fitting vocals, all wrapped up nicely with tight drumming. Saving the best for last (almost) we have Ulysses Siren and their latest single: “Justifiable Homicide”. Keeping their furious riffing power intact, the band does a very good job in keeping it real with their on-your-face Thrash Metal. The best track in this sampler comes from the label’s strongest artist: Kaos. With a relentless Thrash Metal that mixes the old-school grit with a modern sound, “Blood Red Eyes” is by far the catchiest and best executed track in the whole release. Closing the release we have X-Tinxion with a very powerful Female vocalist that at times sounds like Schmier from Destruction fame. The mixed in growls and melodic nature of the track make it different than previous songs, and a very worthy closer for such a diverse release. In general, this sampler has plenty of solid moments with very good bands like Kaos, Aegror, Ulysses Siren, and X-Tinxion. The crossover bands really have no business being here, and they greatly contrast the flow of this release. If you can pick up a copy of this sampler, do so, since it has a lot of classical sounding Thrash Metal with a few weird (and good) diverse tracks here and there. Band: Sampler Album: Perseverance 2013 Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2013 Genre: Metal Country: USA Rating: 85/100

Ulysses Siren - Jon Torres R.I.P.

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area Metal Musician JON TORRES Dies http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/veteran-san-francisco-bay-area-metal-musician-jon-torres-dies/#EerJLwHgcrAuh1wW.99



Rest In Peace brother.

Malevolence Records© Presents

Perseverance 2013 CD review: http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/CDREVIEWS/Perseverancetour2013.html 86/100

Metal To Infinty Webzine

Hails Nate,

First on, both Sanity's Rage and Leave Scars never sent me any promo stuff to review (at least, as far as I can remember).

Both bands' songs on Perseverance Compilation CD were so damn good, I really will collaborate with them by writing down

a review in the first place followed by setting up an email interview. Do you have a personal contact with them? If so, let them

kniw that I'm interested, what we ask are physical promo's of their latest outputs. Feel free to give them my email address so they

can hook me up whenever they want too. Again, they're really good in the fields of Thrash Metal, Bay Area styled and that's what I like!!

Also same story for X-Tinction... what a great Thrash Metal act ! Maybe they'are able and willing to send me some promo stuff,

awaiting to their new one that'll be released in 2014. Perhaps you can let them know that we at MTI are ready for a collaboration.

They'll bring on physical promo stuff, we do both review and interview with pleasure.

Benny's a friend of mine and will set up an interview about MOO when the time is right Nate. It'll take a while but a promise is

a promise to me... I will work out the questionnaire as soon as I can. You can count on it.

So Nate, tell the bands about my interest in their way of Metal in hope they're ready for a collaboration.

Concerning to an interview with MOO, that's a hundred percent guaranteed fact that Benny will answer my questions with pleasure.

Just keep me informed about all of this brother... great opportunity and pleasure to me, Metal keeps me going on forevermore!

Rock 'n Roar, Stefan


Metal To Infinity Webzine - Belgium

Metal To Infinity Webzine Interview with Malevolence Records©: Hails Nathan, Meanwhile, the interview has been published at the following url: http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/INTERVIEWS/MalevolenceRecords_2013.html As for me, really good and informative interview - thanx a lot for the collaboration brother ! Next work for me to complete is setting up the questionnaire for Ulysses Siren. I hope to begin working on it next monday - the questionnaire will be send straight to Jon Torres, as promised. Nate my friend, I definitely let you know when the interview with US has been published... meanwhile, all the best brother ! In Metal, Stefan www.metaltoinfinity.be

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (almost 3 years ago)