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Currently Seeking Talented Artists

YoFiRe Entertainment is a new way of promoting artists and the music they produce. We got our start November 2010, and currently have 2 phenominal artists (Watch for em).

But we want more, we want to see what you have to offer. If we like what we hear, we will help get that music out and around. *We LOVE Local Artists!!

- We ARE NOT a paid group, we are simply music enthusiasts that want artists to the get the recognition they deserve!! - What are we looking for? Talent, at least 1 EP, Links to any of your pages (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, ect.), an email address where we can send Links to the Pages we put your music on, and permission to put your music out there. And if you have any MediaShare sites (NOT TORRENT) that you have your music on, or iTunes, we want links to those as well. - How we do what we do... we take what you give us (if approved) and submit/post on various media sites, and link them all together (Sure you can do it fine... but we are here to do the leg work for you!) - What do we get out of it? We want you to subscribe to our posted pages (where it is relevant) and tell your Friends/Fellow Producers & Artist about us. - What Genres are we looking to Promote?? Dubstep (All Variations), Electronica (Hard House/TecHop, ect.), Hip Hop/Rap (All Styles Welcome to Submit), Metal/Rock/Thrash, Indie/Alternative... that should be good for now!! Check back for more updates!!

Thanks! YoFiRe Entertainment/Music

**Please know, that we have a limited amount of spots for artists right now; but as we grow, we will be able to Promote many many more!!**

Promoted Artists:

B3AR (Experimental/Hard House/Dubstep)

BIO: B3ar recently got back into the electronic music scene last year. Every since, he's been fucking em up twice. He loves the rave scene and anything to do with electronic music. "Electronic music is the music of the future. There's absolutely endless posibilities and infinite ways to turn out good music." ~ B3AR

This new Producer will be next big thing, just wait and see! Get on the bandwagon early... For his pages check here... -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/B3ar/117891228268060/ -SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/b3ar ~~Stop by his pages and show him some love!!

And be sure to keep watch for his premiere onto YouTube with his Track "Daft n Stuff"


YoFiRe Entertainment/Music