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DFWs Got Talent!!

Every single vote counts! Help to get X1stance on stage at SpiritFest!! You can vote every 24hrs so if you voted already, thanks! Vote again! and if you haven't voted yet, here's your chance!! All we have to do is get enough votes to be in the top ten for the judges to choose! This is such an amazing opportunity, follow this link and cast your vote – click on "DFW's Got Talent" to get to the vote page. (X1stance will be on the second page of the listed bands) Thank you everyone for your support! https://www.facebook.com/SpiritFestDFW?sk=app_481977821898153&app_data

2 months!

Our bouncing bundle of joy, Gavriel, is already 2 months old now... and LOVES music... of course, what else could we expect, right?!


We have got a 100% confimation that we are having a boy!! We are so excited! Jake got to feel the baby move for the first time last night!


Guess what?!! We are expecting our first baby! The tentative due date is in mid April, we'll know more after the first prenatal - we are SO excited!! Just had to share the news! 3


The wedding ceremony was amazing!! I'm officially the wife of Jacob Daniel... lead singer of X1stance... we even had a show at the wedding, it was a blast of course!!


I've got my bass line down for "Power of Persistence" and am SO excited!!!

Bass Guitar

I love the sound of the bass, and trying to teach myself to play it... I love music and I want to contribute to X1stance!

Hyporcrite Love

The pieces scatter in the breeze Shredded bits of my heart Stumbling and grasping at the fragments Nothing in life comes with ease Cupid is wicked with his darts All ambition of mine misspent. Efforts to be true, vanish. Faith in my judgment, lost. Pride now humbled, foolish. And I languish at the cost. Sheer betrayal as never before Sitting still, my head in my hands Over me and mine, he chose a whore Now toiling as my mind commands Fire in my eyes, ignited. Time ill arising, justice. Warnings from all, heeded. And my tears are witness.

These are my words; if you take them, be sure to give credit where it is due. Thank you, Rochelle LaRaine

Patchwork Heart

yeah.. no rhyming this time: I can do everything on my own, But I don’t want to be alone. Does the heart ever truly heal? You can see the damage, It’s ugly, my patchwork heart. It was the best I could do. Take the stitches out; Though it might sting. I’m ashamed to present this awful gift, But it’s yours if you want it. Love is so easy to barter, But trust I hold with an iron fist. The scars sing with pain, At any hint of suspicion. Be patient and stand with me. These words are all my own, if you take them, be sure to give credit where it's due. Thank you, Rochelle LaRaine

the rainbow in the shadow

She walked as a shadow Silent as eternal stone Her heart a ravaged meadow A soul desperately alone. She would let no one close Her trusting nature spoiled Until there came a man, unlike most And through her defense he toiled. He never saw the dark shadow But the woman buried inside Believing her to be a wandering rainbow Himself steadfast as the tide. Together they made a radiant pair Her golden smiles to rival angels' Because that wonderful man had dared To see the brilliance inside the dismal tangle. These words are mine, if you use them, please be sure to give credit where it's due! Thank you, Rochelle LaRaine