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Lonely Train, plane or bus 2 Hell....Or High Water!?

MCR were superb in Cardiff and Thursday were probably even better just down 2 the fact I never knew what 2 expect from them as I hadn't heard much of them but musically 1 of the best I seen, tho it could b that I ain't seen much in the last 8 years. But next month's the 1 I'm rite looking 4ward 2, Black Stone Cherry at Cardiff Uni. I'll b going on my own and on the bus cos it's a lot easier where I'm going from, but hell, I mean HELL YEAH morelike this is bound 2 b a corker! Don't know if they ever been 2 Wales b4 but I hope the crowd r rite up 4 it and make sure they come back, cos 4 some reason there's a lot that don't and I put at least part of it down 2 a less than gr8 participation from the public there!!!!!!!?

Getting ready 2 roll!

Looking 4ward 2 My Chemical Romance at the CIA next month(Feb)! It'll b my 1st gig in over a year, the last being 36 Crazyfists in London which was awesome, but I'm so glad 2 b getting out n seeing some quality live music again! I got this feeling that MCR r gonna blow me away!!!!!