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a question for everyone who can help me with this problem?

Hey this been bugging me for a while and I am wonder is anyone ever feel like this before: ok when I was a little girl I dream of singing in front of people, so I join the children choir with my sister. but when I got out of sunday school, I did not join the adult choir because all of suddened I got so nerves that I couldnot do it and that people would laugh at me. but I still have dream of having my own band which is funny because I am actually writing a stories about my band that I dream about. and also writing my own song sometime . and when I was going to sing a song at my youth group event: Teen Idol my first year at my church that I go to now. my parent didn"t think that my singing voices was that good and that I would got so nerves and chicken out because I"m death tune. but when I was going to tried and do it, I loss my singing voices that sunday before the night of that event. Even those I will never stop loving, singing to music or writing music because I think that God gave me the gift of writing and singing music, I will also never give up on that gifts that God has give me in my life that make me who I am in life. So I was wondering if anyone ever feel that way before, or got anything to say about my comment . =)