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The secret to life

I would like to begin this by saying that I am not a Christian, but I follow what I believe to be the teachings of Christ. This statement has little to do with the subject I will cover here, but I felt it relevant to point out.

I know many people who read the book The Secret and were so excited to learn a little about the law of attraction. The Secret tells people that they can have anything they want in this world, they just have to know they will get it, expect it will happen, and put in the work to get it. Unfortunately for them, they were reading a book all about material gain. It is too common in American culture for people to have desire for new things. Americans desire the newest fashion trends, the newest technology, the newest gossip, the newest and biggest house, the newest car, etc.. If you look back to the 1960s in the USA, houses with 3 bedrooms were common, but they were significantly smaller than a 3 bedroom house today. Today, most homes have cable television, video game systems, televisions in every bedroom, and everyone has their own personal cell phone line. At the same time that many of these people go out in search of these things, they go to church every Sunday and yet they struggle with their faith. Many people go in search of a spiritual connection to God. They do not know how they will achieve this, they only know they want it, and so they search. I have had a conversation with a friend and he asked me how it was that people in the old testament seemed closer to God, but today we have more proof than ever the prophecies are happening. We have more scientific evidence today that backs up bible stories than ever before, but we seem to not know who God is anymore. I simply replied to him, "are you looking?" The law of attraction is simple (belief - doubt)+ intention = every result that has ever happened in the history of humans There have been many books written on the subject of the law of attraction, but I think that mathematical formula simplifies it to make it easier to understand than 1000s of word could. This formula has been proven time and again, I am confident that it is flawless. If you are struggling to find spirituality, balance, peace, or whatever word you use to describe God, you need to ask yourself if you are applying the formula above while you look. Do you believe? Do you have doubt? and what is your intention? When those 3 things align properly, nothing can stop you from achieving any goal. You have all the knowledge in the world inside you already, nobody can tell you a truth you don't already know deep down if it is really truth. If you are reading this, I love you. Be in peace and don't make excuses, just do the things you need to do on this planet, because the amount of time you spend here seems shorter the longer you are around.


Whats up, people? Just wanted to give a little intro to the page and let you know I will be building it and making it easier to find more music on soon. Thanks for the patience. -One Hertz