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Crescent in Flames

Download the latest Veldlokk assault 'Crescent in Flames' on our Bandcamp page. Burn!

Feral Divinity Released

Our Sixth Release 'Feral Divinity' has been released in a digital "pay what you want" format at www.veldlokk.bandcamp.com. Check it out!

Veldlokk Releases

All Veldlokk releases, except our 1st album, are available for download at veldlokk.bandcamp.com. All but 'Ascendant Conqueror' are pay what you want. Expect a revised version of 'At the Keep of Unending Tragedie' to be released by summer's end.

Traitor to Our WIll

Demo track from our upcoming album 'Feral Divinity' is available for streaming.

New Songs

Find final mixes of 'A Beast That Smelled Blood' and 'Astride Silent Blades' for streaming. These are probably the final mixes and recordings for these songs. Probably...

Four More Songs to Record. Current song project is 'Ascendant Conqueror' Guitars are done, with only vocals to record and the finishing touches on the drums.

New Song Uploaded

We've uploaded an early mix of "A Beast That Smelled Blood" for streaming. This will be included on our upcoming release along with five additional songs.

New Veldlokk Release

Four new Veldlokk songs completed and rehearsed. Two more written that need final arrangement and rehearsal. Recording will hopefully begin in early spring.

Veldlokk CD's for Sale

Veldlokk albums available for purchase or download at veldlokk.bandcamp.com.